Self-ruling though long associated with Denmark, the world's largest non-continental island is a chilly but fascinating North Atlantic land of glaciers, Arctic wildlife, & some awesome adventure & ecotourism opportunities.

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Fascinating facts about Greenland

I just got back from a trip to Copenhagen, and since Greenland is an autonomous territory of Denmark, while there I learned a fair amount about that fascinating land and even met my first Greenlander. So when I got back home I started watching videos, and found this one particularly interesting. Looking forward to visiting for myself as soon as possible!!

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  • Off the beaten track to say the least, Greenland is far from what comes to mind when you think Michelin-starred restaurants, but that's precisely what 30-year-old chef Poul Andrias Ziska, from Denmark's also remote Faroe Islands, has done in the hamlet of Ilimanaq, reachable only by boat and now the world's northernmost of its kind, Would you make the journey
  • All I can say is wow...I've always been fascinated by the natural and cultural aspects of Greenland, and the video above cements that, even though I'm not even a skiier. Hope to meet you guys over there soon!!!
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    We deeply appreciate your time and we would love to send you more info, answer all of your questions about the worlds MOST amazing, outstanding country!
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