One of West Africa's most prominent countries, it's friendly, safe, and culturally fascinating.

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Ghana on our blogger's list of 9 safest African countries to visit

Trаvеlіng to a fоrеіgn lаnd usually involves a certain amount of wаrіnеѕѕ аnd unсеrtаіntу - but especially when vіѕіtіng developing соuntrіеѕ whеrе a mаjоr роrtіоn of thе population live undеr the роvеrtу lіnе. But уоu know what's ѕаd? Tо let thеѕе uncertainties ѕtор уоu from еxрlоrіng fascinating new parts of the world. Africa is perhaps the continent that inspires the most wariness due to widespread poverty, corruption, wars, and other travails. But with exceptions where there's actual civil…

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Highlights of Ghana

One of the most prominent and wealthy countries in West Africa, with a population around 30 million, Ghana is known for its dynamic cities like capital Accra as well as idyllic beaches and exciting exciting ecotourism. In addition, it's quite easy to get around. Truly there exists a wealth of possibilities for holidays in Ghana. Some top highlights: read post

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  • Ghana has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Forts and Castles, Volta, Greater Accra, Central and Western Regions (along the coast), and Asante Traditional Buildings inland in the central south. Learn more about them here:
    Ghana - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
    Ghana - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
  • One of my favorite travel sites recently gave us five spots not to miss in Ghana
    If You're Going To Ghana, Add These 5 Important Sites To Your Itinerary - Travel Noire
    Ghana has witnessed so much during its long history. Formerly known as The Gold Coast, it was marked by several European superpowers including...
  • For all its allures, Ghana is one of the countries where being gay is increasingly fraught, and I for one wouldn´t feel safe there. One Ghanian writer on Medium puts it well about how local pols are shamefully using the issue to distact their people from their own corruption and failures:
    Instead of Fighting Poverty, Ghana is Waging a War on Homosexuality
    On the misplaced priorities and homophobia of African governments
  • Travel Noire recently came out with a good guide to Accra:
    Accra Travel Guide: Here's What You Need to Know - Travel Noire
    ‘Safe’ and ‘welcoming’ are two words visitors use to describe Accra, Ghana, making it the perfect place for Black people to visit. Accra, the...
  • Wow, another casualty of climate disruption - turns out the historic slave forts along Ghana's coast are being threatened by sea level rise. So tragic. When oh when will the world finally start really taking this seriously?
    Ghana's historic slave forts are being swallowed by rising seas
    For 21 years, Fort Prinzenstein's caretaker James Ocloo Akorli has watched the Gulf of Guinea's tempestuous waters eat away at both his livelihood an…
  • Ghanaian are thrilled that their capital Accra was included in TIME magazines list of "The World's Greatest Places of 2021':- even though the entertainment and news platform mistakenly thought it was #1 because it was listed first, when in fact it's just that the list was merely in alphabetical order:
  • We have just received our copy of the Rough Guides First-Time Africa in which we are listed on page 405, under the 'Africa Specialist Operators' category. The entry states: "West Africa Discovery: One of the few companies specializing in West Africa , with unusual tours and a strong responsible travel ethos".




    We have a selection of sustainably managed responsible tourism projects just for you to discover. Work with us to create better places to visit and better places to live in, in West Africa.


    You can also join a community dedicated to travel in West Africa which explores the rich local heritage in a sustainable and responsible way. 

  • Dorothy, this is a great report; I've never been to this part of Ghana. Consider posting this as a blog, too, so all the members can see it.
  • I had a couple of free days in Accra recently while winding up my month in Ghana. I decided to visit the Shai Hills Resource Reserve for a change of pace. By tro-tro to Ashaiman and then another one got me to the Reserve in less than 2 hours, a distance of 33 miles. I had booked a room at the Shai Hills Resort, supposedly 300 m. down the road from the main entrance. Actually, it's more nearly 1 mile, which I walked instead of waiting for another tro-tro. Hot!
    There are extensive jungley grounds at this hotel, lots of rooms, but virtually no other guests. My self-contained room was large, air conditioned with ceiling fan and frig but very poor lighting. A rather ghostly cavernous feeling to the establishment. The room cost US$24, no complimentary breakfast. But very peaceful and quiet. When they host a conference, it probably takes on a livelier atmosphere.
    I was lucky to get a ride back to the Reserve the next morning for a guided walking tour through pleasant savannah grasslands, flanked by neem trees. Olive babboons were the only animal visible. Our 1-hour walk on a muddy rutted road took us to a small lake formed by the Adwuku Dam, but we didn't see the crocodiles whch apparently live there. More demanding hikes are possible, with climbs in caves up to ancient lookout points. They have no 4-wheel drive vehicle, which is necessary for some of the roads.
    It's disappointing that the hotel no longer has the swimming pool they advertise, nor can they arrange Park tours as promised. So if you want to just hang out in a quiet wooded locale, the Shai Hills is perfect. But don't expect much wildlife or certainly any partying.
  • Now on the Tripatini blog: adventure travel in Ghana!
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