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Naturally we started our trip off with a glass of wine at lunch - after all, it was too late for breakfast…  “Deux verres de vin rouge – um, uh -- pas sec. Un peu…” Finally I just threw my hands in the air and laughed. I meant well but it seemed unfair to make our poor waiter suffer for my lack of fluency with the language. Our waiter obliged with two glasses of wine and a hearty, “Welcome to Provence!"

Our first morning, COVID-19 vaccination card in hand, we left to explore "our" small town in the département of Vaucluse, Pernes-les-Fontaines (pop. around 10,000), a ten-minute walk from the cozy, CDC-treated, 100-year-old, two-story farmhouse we had come to call home for two weeks. We had to move to the curb much more often to accommodate bicyclists than cars.

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