From a Soviet captive state, this tiny outpost of Scandinavia across the Baltic from Finland has been busy transforming itself into a progressive, high-tech exemplar of the 21st century. Yet it still has loads of historic and natural charm to spare.

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Return to Tallinn - a look back at an old post of mine

Though I’m (quite obviously) not Estonian, I must admit to a lump in the throat on a cool, overcast morning as the gargantuan green-and-orange Tallink ferry pulled into this tiny Baltic country’s capital after a two-hour sea crossing from Helsinki. It was July 2009, and I was embarking on my introduction to the shiny new Tallinn, 17 years after my last visit and 27 years after my first — as a student studying Russian in Leningrad, then as a travel writer visiting shortly after Estonia‘s…

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  • I've only been to Tallinn, but watching this slick video - with no narration, just brief written descriptions -makes me realize how much cool stuff is packed into this small country:
  • I was last in Tallinn a few years ago, and I realized I missed several of the must-sees on this list. Very careless of me.
    The 16 most amazing attractions in Tallinn
    The 16 most amazing attractions in Tallinn
  • The other day on Medium, a recent visitor wrote an interesting post on some cool - though "mindblowing" is a little over the top - aspects of this appealing little country:
    10 Astonishing Facts About Estonia That Will Blow Your Mind
    My Best Takeaways from the Trip to Estonia
  • Tallinn was delightful - several posts from our time in Estonia:

  • Just uploaded a video of the Dance Festival  on the home page. What a wonderful experience that is if you're ever in the country in mid-summer.
  • You may be interested in my feature this week on

    Estonia is a fantastic country and Tallinn is magical.

    Food and Travel Website - the best place to come for worldwide food and travel information - Food a…
    Food and Travel website - the best place to come for food and travel information.
  • Hi,


    Look my gallery about Estonia. Here you can find a photos about our world famous song festivals, people, landscape and destinations. And fo course culture capital of Europe 2011 Tallinn photos are available.

    Travel-Welcome-to-Estonia-Photos-Stock-Photo-Pictures - Images | Jaak Nilson Photostock
    Welcome to Estonia. It is a short overview about Estonia travel stock pictures, photos, photography and images. Landscape, nature, towns, manors, peo…
  • Now on the Tripatini blog: One man's emotional return after many years to a much-changed Tallinn -- which as 2011 European co-Capital of Culture will be especially boppin' on the Baltic!
  • Estonia gets a shout-out in this week's Tripatini blog survey of hotstpots for 2010. Check it out!
  • Tallinn is one of those cities -- like Prague, Rome or Havana -- that exudes an indescribable magic that transcends the mere arrangement of stones and mortar.
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