Tough times largely behind it, this South American country is a stunner, from cosmopolitan Bogotá to the Andean cities of Cali and Medellín to the friendly Caribbean coast (especially the lovely preserved colonial quarter of Cartagena).

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Get a piece of the rock at Antioquía´s jawdropping Guatapé

hillsn_1992 Colombia is just packed with remarkable landmarks, sights, and experiences, and this one is singular, indeed: a vertiginous 220-metre (722-foot) hill - rising abruptly near a small town two hours from the city of Medellín in the department of Antioquía - is in a class by itself. The Peñón de Guatapé (Rock of Guatapé, also known as the Piedra del Peñol, Stone of El Peñol), was venerated by the prehispanic Tahamí, and many visitors come to pay homage to it today - including some…

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Zipaquirá's astonishing Cathedral of Salt

Religious art and architecture at their best aim at the transcendental. But there are a few structures out there in the world that can quite compare to Colombia's Catedral de Sal, in the city of Zipaquirá, situated on a plain less than an hour from capital Bogotá. Part of the Greater Bogotá Metropolitan Area, this charming city of nearly 125,000 dates back to 1600 and still preserves a picturesque colonial core that alone would be worth the drive from Bogotá. But its main attraction - and one…

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Terrific Tayrona National Park & the 'lost city'

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta has been described as the world’s most important concentration of endangered wildlife on the planet. In the past, it was scarred by drug crops and off limits to tourists because of the dangers posed by Colombia’s notorious drug cartels. Now safe, it's also home to one of South America's most extraordinary archaeological sites, called the Ciudad Perdida (“Lost City”), Colombia’s Machu Picchu. read post

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  • Hello everybody, I am new in Tripatini and I so happy.
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  • Hey everybody,

    I am new in Triatini, but i love travel around to Colombia making films over the best tourism plans for the travelers, if u got any question let me know i will help to u. feel free to ask
  • Tom... I'm enjoying reading your blog. I'm currently planning an all-Colombia itinerary for 10 weeks to research a guidebook. Boondock safety is a paramount concern. I'd love to converse directly offline: cpbaker@earthlink.
  • David, Santa Marta is my favorite coastal city here. If you decide to come to Medellin, you'll have a free tour guide here!
  • Thanks on both counts, Mark, and I reciprocated, adding Latin Flyer to Ocolombia's blogroll. I have another expat resource, Perma Tourist, by the way!
  • Hi Tom,
    Cool blog -- I just added you to my blog link list on my own Latin America travel blog,!
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