Benvinguts tots to the forum devoted to the places, culture, and language of the region that bridges Spain and the south of France, including Valencia, Andorra, the Balearic Islands, French Pyrénées-Orientales, and even part of Sardinia. Incredibly rich in heritage, it's a different window into the tapestry of southern Europe.

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Why Barcelona is the place to be for international students

Stunning architecture, sea views, and sandy beaches, vivid and passionate culture, superb cuisine — hese are just some of the many reasons why Spain's second-largest city is a wonderful place to live. And to study, as Barcelona is home to some of this country's most prestigious universities. Both traditional and innovative universities along with state-of-the-art campuses welcome thousands of international students every year. Let’s take a look at what allures them: read post

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Bon Nadal! Welcome to Christmas in Barcelona

Like so many European cities and towns, as of the last week in November, Catalonia's capital dons its Yuletide best and does its best to transform the dark, chilly days of winter into a festive celebration, lasting through January 6 (the "12th day of Christmas", also eagerly awaited by all the children of Spain for the visit of the gift-giving Three Magi). So you're looking for a holiday getaway next year, the mix of culture, history, dining, shopping, and nightlife is supercharged by…

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Chasing ghosts, ghouls & the devil in Barcelona

Dank chill, drizzle, and streetlamps shrouded in fog are bad weather? A bad time for touring? Depends! In fact, they were just perfect for a nocturnal outing I had in Barcelona last winter that was hair raising – in a good way. And what better day than Halloween to tell you about it? Like most ancient cities, Catalonia’s capital is chock-full full of history, legends – and ghosts. And if that kind of thing gets your ecoplasm going, the city’s tourism office runs a creepy little stroll that…

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Fantastic Catalonia at a glance

  Millions of visitors flock to Catalonia in Spain's northeast each year, lured especially by its marvelous beaches and spectacular capital Barcelona. But there's a lot more to this varied land, from medieval towns to wine to ecotourism, all flavoured with a venerable culture and language reaching back nearly two millennia. For the most part, its four provinces offer a little bit of everything, so it might be helpful to provide an overview of what you'll find where, to help guide you on your…

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  • And now comes the world's first kosher restaurant with a Michelin star, in Barcelona's Eixample near Diagonal, and this article in the Times of Israel also discusses the city's recent campaigns targeting Jewish and Israeli visitors, called “Shalom Barcelona” and “Barcelona Connects Israel.” Oy!
  • The Guardian looks at how mass tourism to Barcelona is expected to come roaring back this summer, bringing many of the same ills that have divided locals in recent years:
    ‘Summer will be monstrous’: Barcelona wrestles with revival of mass tourism | Barcelona | The Guard…
    As visitors return after easing of Covid curbs, talk of diversification of Spanish city has been drowned out by sound of ringing tills
  • Well noted. The same goes for the Basque country in southern France as opposed to northern Spain.
  • Northern Catalonia, which lies in the far south of France, gets much less attention than the better known region of Spain. So here's a look at its major French hub, the town of Prades:
    Prades - Tourism & Holiday Guide
    The choir of the church houses a sumptuous Baroque altarpiece! - Prades, the capital of the Conflent, is situated at the foot of the Canigou, at the…
  • Just saw "Uncharted" last night - silly but quite a ride (not surprising, since it was adapted from a video game) - but one of the things I especially liked about it was seeing locations in Barcelona - the Sagrada Familia, Montjuich, the Barri Gòtic, Santa Maria del Pi, and so forth! Here's the trailer:
  • And today in Catalan language news... piece in the NY Times about Catalonia's legislature about to approve a measure to require all foreign films be dubbed in Catalan. Good idea or now? Article.
  • thank YOU!!
  • Now it worked! Thanx
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  • Hey Carles! Nice to see you on Go-Lo. There's no link to the song by Lluciana Sari........... You know you can put the YouTube video clip directly in your message by simply pasting in the embed code, right? I just found a song by Lluciana on YouTube... is this it?
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