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2 Canadian ranches in 'Fall for North America on these 8 Horse Ranch Holidays'

  @danielles_lens​   There is no better place in which to snap autumn's kaleidoscope of colours than the USA and Canada. At this time of year, its larger-than-life landscapes bathe in a sea of fiery reds, brilliant oranges and shimmering golds, and there are plenty more options than New England. Best of all, you can take in these spellbinding 360-degree views from the saddle. Leading riding holiday specialist Ranch Rider has selected seven properties (the list includes working, guest, dude, and…

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11 excellent day or overnight trips from Toronto

African Lion Safari Canada's largest city of course boasts a large and varied menu of sites and experiences to keep you busy on holiday. But if you have the time, there are also many compelling places in Ontario outside Toronto to enjoy nature, culture, and adventure as day trips or overnighters (you can either drive yourself, take a bus tour, or even a private car tour). Have a look at the following and see what might interest you! read post

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Toronto's 5 best neighborhoods to live as well as visit

  Often opening up a new chapter in our lives can be daunting. Especially when it's moving and finding the best place for a new beginning. Fortunately, the capital of Ontario province and Canada's largest city (pop. 2.7 million) is a welcoming as well as vibrant place to live. No wonder it's the first choice in the country for young professionals and immigrants. Its culture, history, and energy pervade various neighbourhoods in and around centre city, and here are the top five examples: read…

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  • JoAnna you picked a very cool hotel in a very cool neighborhood! You're right that it's not downtown, but take the streetcar next time because it is very fast and comfortable!
  • Good question, Andrea. Post it on Media Only, so the other writers and p.r. folks can help you.
  • Hello!

    I am travelling to Vancouver in august. Any good price accomodation someone can recommend me or accomodations with press fares?

  • New today on our blog: Vancouver going will for Stanley Cup finals!
  • Next week I will be in Sault Ste. Marie for the unveiling of the Agawa Canyon Train!  Very exciting.  I took this ride when I was a very young boy and loved it.
  • The glass floor is excitement enough for me.
  • Ed, I won't even walk on their glass floor! No way in hell am I doing this. (Okay, I'm a freelancer. If you're a market paying $10 a word and assigning 2,000-word features, I'll do it.)
  • There's a new Edge Walk around the perimeter of the CNN Tower in Toronto. Granted, participants get a safety harness, but psychologically I really need that railing, so I'd probably pass on this one. Would you do it?
  • Karin - I am surprised you remember that Buffalo News story since it was back in 2007 and yes we got a huge response to Maria's story. People in Buffalo love coming to Toronto.

  • Maria ceraulo wrote about the boatel several years ago with an amazing reaction. She is with buffalo news. I know she was thoroughly impressed.
This reply was deleted.