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Hi Folks,

Since noone has started a discussion here, I thought I might as well kick one off. Last year a rode Greyhound busses from New York City to New Orleans (stopping in Philadelphia and Raleigh, NC, along the way). I'm an Australian budget traveller, and thought riding Greyhound would be a good way to see some of America.

I wrote extensively about this trip on my blog (and I do mean extensively), so if anyone is planning a bus trip across parts of the USA in particular, you might want to check them out.

The first post can be found here: 

Despite reading many online horror stories about interstate bus travel, especially using Greyhound, I had no major problems at all during my trip, and enjoyed the experience. I would even consider doing a much longer and more involved bus trip if my schedule allowed - possibly using a 30 or 60 day pass.

Anyway, gotta bus to catch.

See you down the road, sometime.


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  • I enjoyed your blog, Jim. Looked at it because I'm about to undertake a 7.5-hour bus trip. Not quite as big a deal as the one you took, but it'll be the longest one I've taken in years, so you helped me warm up.
    • Hi Ed, Thanks for the positive feedback about my blog. I hope your trip goes as smoothly as mine did.
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