Aviation geeks (more punchily known as avgeeks) are of course folks who are obsessed with aircraft – commercial, military, and otherwise – and who can to a greater or lesser extent quote you chapter and verse on many aspects of mechanical flight, especially when it comes to commercial airlines.

Some planespotters may go so far as to invest in equipment such as ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) decoders as well as monitor dedicated websites to track aircraft movements, such as AirNav SystemsRadarBox and the SBS series from Kinetic Avionics. To that end, too, they make use of websites/apps such as FlightRadar24 (screenshot pictured here) and Flightaware, which supply arrival and departure schedules as well as track the locations of aircraft which have their transponders on, and Live ATC is a website and app which lets users listen in on air-traffic controllers in real time.  

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