Ryan Air, just announced child-free flights for thos e of us who like peace & quiet in the confines of an airplane. I never forget one time i was flying to london and the newborn kid behind me SHREIKED the entire time from takeoff to landing. I love kids as much as the next guy but I was ready to commit infanticide. Especially because the night before i hadnt slept a wink and was really lookng foreward to passing out on the plane. 


Now Ryan air announes their going to have child-free flighst starting in October on some major routes and i will be the first to sign up. 


BUT here's the prob: my sig other, who has a lovely well behaved little boy from a previous marriage, now thinks i'm like the Grinch because i donj't want kids on my flight. She says thats age discrimination and its not right. This is actually the fi=rst big argument we've had, and we've been together 2 years, so I wonder, AM i a grinch? Back me up here, people, if you had a choice and could take a flight w/out kids screaming would you do it??


Help me out here guys, whose with me on this one?

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  • Wendy-The funny thing is they go ahead with some of their crazy proposals. The childless planes might be a April fools joke,but look at this London Daily Mail article

    Ryanair confirms it WILL bring in charges for on-board toiletsBy Sarah Gordon
    Last updated at 7:06 PM on 6th April 2010
    Comments (96) Add to My Stories Ryanair has confirmed that it is pushing ahead with its controversial scheme to charge passengers for use of toilets on its aircraft, meaning spending a penny on a flight will soon cost as much as a pound.
    The no-frills airline is working with Boeing to redesign the cabin and develop coin-operated toilets on 168 of its planes.
    Not content with charging passengers for use of the facilities, the airline is also looking at reducing the number of toilets on board, leaving just one available cubicle for up to 189 passengers.
    More charges: Spending a penny could soon cost a pound
    To use the remaining toilet on board, passengers would be forced to part with either £1 or €1 for each visit.
    Stephen McNamara, spokesperson for the airline, told TravelMail: 'By charging for the toilets we are hoping to change passenger behaviour so that they use the bathroom before or after the flight.
    'That will enable us to remove two out of three of the toilets and make way for at least six extra seats on board.'
    More...Comment: A sneaky Ryanair charge too far
    Comment: Don't try to be funny Mr O'Leary
    Annual holidays are considered a luxury by recession-hit parents
    South Africa 2010: Cruise liners used to boost accommodation for World Cup

    The airline already charges for food and drink on board as well as leveraging a charge for credit card payments, hold luggage, online and airport check-in and high fees for luggage weighing more than 15kg.

    Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary first suggested the toilet charges last year but the budget carrier appeared to backtrack on the idea.

    However, the airline has confirmed its plans in its latest in-flight magazine, although Mr McNamara said the charges would not be coming in this

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-1263905/Ryanair-toilet-ch...
    Earlier this month Paddy Power,Ireland's biggest bookmaker ,was taking bets on what RyanAir would charge for next.
    I couldn't believe some of the choices. They are getting free publicity with all their crazy proposals.It seems every proposal they make is to bring attention to themselves.They are cheap though so people will put up with a lot for a bargain fare.

    What will Ryanair charge for next?

    Singles Only.

    Fat tax 8/15
    Annual subscription to access website 12/1
    Standing tickets (charge for seating) 50/1

    Corkage (charge to bring food/drink on board) 3/1
    Charge to recline seat 20/1
    Smoking booth 80/1

    Coin-operated toilet 6/1
    Emergency exit use charge 40/1
    Oxygen mask use charge 100/1

    Toilet paper charge 10/1
    • That's hysterical! I'd heard about some of these, but toilet paper charge?? LOLLLL What happens if you forgot to bring your coins? Definitely this is a publicity stunt, and we're talking about it so i guess its working!!



  • Interesting statistic: 59% of travelers support the idea of a family-only section on airplanes, according to TravelDailyNews.com.
  • It's admittedly a tricky balance to strike.  If you start segregating for one type of passenger, where does it stop?  I'm not at all crazy about that as a concept. On the other hand, what has changed the context of this issue in recent years is the fact that many parents are traveling more with young children and some of them are less willing and/or able to exercise the same degree of control over their kids' behavoir that their parents did.  I recall last year a flight where one couple was so disconnected from the flailings-about of their boy and girl that the babbling kids were allowed to literally jump up and down on their seats (even during landing!), climb over the seat backs -- and the girl at one point even let loose with a nice string of barf.  I adore children, and smile at their antics all the time, but there have to be limits, too; their general lack of impulse control means that parents have to step in now and then.  When they don't, in an increasingly permissive society, it can lead to calls for this kind of action by the airlines.NE News , I'm sure your grandson is in fact immaculately well behaved, and I only wish that were true for all of them out there.
  • John, I'm afraid she's right about your being the grinch. Also, I happen to know that you'd rather sit next to my grandson* than next to some of the obese passengers (who pay no more than a slim young guy like you). 


    *My marriage ended after six years, and that was decades ago, but we got two great kids and one wonderful grandchild out of it! 

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