Skiing in Afghanistan?? Check out this blog post...

With so few tourists visiting and a small local population, the mountains are virtually untouched

When it comes to skiing destinations, you should rejoice because whether you choose to travel to Australia, Europa, North or South America, you will face the experience of your life. In fact, you have to initiate an extreme selection process because of the multitude of unique places across the globe destined for ski enthusiasts. Of course, you have to consider important aspects like your budget and your current location because you probably want to get there as fast as possible and remain with some money in your pockets when the adventure ends.  Since this article focuses on all ski lovers out there, it includes different memorable places around the world ideal for skiing, among them being already popular locations like France, Austria and Finland, but also unusual ski resorts in Africa, Dubai, Hawaii - and yes, Afghanistan's Hindu Kush mountains. The best part about these types of trips is that you get the chance to explore new spots that others do not even dream to visit while enjoying your main passion or hobby.

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