When people think about going on an adventure and experiencing new and exciting things, usually that is paired with imagining a faraway land. But you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to have a new experience. Sometimes, that new and exciting adventure is only a two-hour drive, or may even be right in your town or city! 

Have you explored everything that your area has to offer? Or is it easy to ignore your own town because you’re busy looking for adventure elsewhere? Take the time to investigate what’s right in front of you. Take a trip to the visitors center. You may just find that they have suggestions that they give to tourists that you, as a local, have never even tried! 

Explore new hobbies! Take that ceramics class that you’ve been wanting to try out. Or join a club! There are always new things to try. If you take a dance class, even if you think you have two left feet, you may find that you really love it! Or you may find that you were right and it’s not for you. Either way, it will be a learning experience! 

Adventures can be as simple as driving down new roads and seeing what’s around the corner. Or walking into the woods and getting a new perspective! Remember that just because you aren’t boarding a plane and flying 3,000 miles away, doesn’t mean that it’s not an adventure. Being a “weekend adventurer” is just as valid as packing your bags and living your home country behind. If you love Adventures you can read more about my trips on my website:

Especially if you have a crazy work schedule, or can’t afford to take time off, using the free time that you do have to it’s fullest is just as wonderful as a two-week vacation! You can even do it more often than the average vacationers! Take advantage of having two days off in a row! I myself work in hospitality so two days off is almost unheard of. This means if I do have two days in a row, I take full advantage of it! Drive three hours up into the mountains and camp out. Or have a staycation where you just disconnect. Turn off your technology and go for a walk, have a barbecue or bonfire and just enjoy where you are.


Remember, adventures don’t have to be grand! They can be small and frequent. Take them where you can get them. Don’t think that you can’t have an adventure just because you can’t take two weeks off work and fly away to foreign places, adventure where and when you can. It may even be more fun and easier than you thought!

So go on, get out there! See what your world has to offer you, even if it’s in your own backyard! Visit our website's travel section to discover more about our adventures.

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