Why We Are Sexier On The Road

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Why We Are Sexier On The Road

We knew travel was a terrific aphrodisiac, we just couldn’t prove it.

Then came a report that the majority of couples have more sex in a week’s vacation than they do in two months at home!

We knew there’s actually a Mile High Club with certain airlines offering sex in the sky for those seeking membership in this lofty club. We did an “expose” on the topic on Technorati Travel .

And we did short video at TVP, Travel As An Aphrodisiac that makes the point that travel can spice up sex lives by liberating the libido, making romance more possible and more exciting on the road than at home.

Then came the actual report in Travel Daily News International that “51% of couples have sex more times in a one-week vacation that they do over a two month period at home.”

The poll was conducted by a fast-growing UK travel company, sunshine.co.uk that polled about 2,000 people 21 years and up who were in a relationship, and vacationed with their partner for at least a week in the last two years.

The question was pretty blunt: “How often did you and your partner make love while on your one-week holiday?”

Some must have said it’s no one’s business, and others may have been bragging, but 51% said ten times.

None said they made love at home nearly that much in a given week.

Why? Interestingly, 67% of those polled said they argues less or “didn’t argue at all” when on vacation, but “argued in some way” every day when they were home.

While the participants were Brits, probably the results can apply to us here, in the States.

So it seems that all that sex on the road can be traced to a more relaxed, intimate time together while on vacation, which is no surprise but good news.

Most of the respondents believed they should be more intimate on a vacation, and perhaps believing so, makes it so. And makes it sexy.

So get packing!

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