Why Truck Life Is Sweeter With Acacia Africa


If you're thinking of booking a snap gap, you might well be considering an overland trip across Africa. Experience this type of travel with Acacia Africa, as the safari specialist gives you the inside track on their fully customised, free-wheeling kings of the road.


It’s a truck not a bus! Sixty combined years of Africa travel know-how went into the design of Acacia Africa’s overland trucks. With one of the adventure travel specialist's founders already having completed three Sahara crossings it’s safe to say the operator has thought of every T.I.A. (This is Africa - so expect the unexpected) eventuality.


Refill your water bottle at the 309 litre stainless steel water tank, recharge your usb/batteries while you’re on the move and maximise your photography opportunities. The elevated seating and large slide down windows will give you the best ever 360-degree vantage point for that picture perfect Instagram moment.


Road through desert on way to Namaqualand National Park, Northern Cape (c) South Africa Tourism

Overcrowded public transport is often the norm in Africa so overland travel is your best bet if you want to avoid an unwanted cultural exchange, which will be more crushing than comfortable. You might also have to give rural street lights a miss and in the absence of any roadside assistance trucking around the continent with a driver/tour leader who doubles as a mechanic makes a lot of sense.


How many elephants can you fit into a mini? We’re not sure, but when it comes to the question of how many travellers you can fit on an Acacia Africa truck we’re sure the answer is way more than the operator’s maximum of 24. As Hannah of Getting Stamped blogging fame recently demonstrated, you can easily accommodate a whole human being in each of the 700mm (deep) X 330mm (height) X  540mm (wide) personal lockers and there are 24 seats so everyone can relax and grab some shut eye en route. If you’re feeling more sociable head to back of the vehicle where you’ll find two tables ready and waiting for a game of African Mancala.


Get ready to add the 'African massage' to your travel vocabulary. Part of any overland initiation, this rough and ready massage technique focuses primarily on your rear-end and is best enjoyed while in the truck's seated position. The effects range from a light pulsing sensation through to an increasing side to side motion as your experienced driver (or masseuse) directs you over the bumpy roads.  Acacia Africa adventurers can take comfort in the fact that the operator’s vehicles feature spacious, well-cushioned seats - and probably the toughest trucks out there - they have been custom built to handle the uneven dirt tracks which might bring your average van or coach to a standstill.


Are you on a quest to travel light? Once you’ve fine tuned your ultimate packing list all you’ll need is your sleeping bag - mission accomplished! Everything else, from your tent to all your camping essentials (sleeping mat, chairs, tables, cooking equipment etc.) are handily packed away by Acacia Africa on the truck.


Join the Treevolution! Acacia Africa actively support many of GreenPop’s initiatives including, the annual Reforest Fest, the organisation operating several urban greening and tree planting projects to combat deforestation in Southern Africa. You can also help to spread environmental awareness by adding a tree to the cost of your tour to compensate for carbon emissions. Once your tree has been planted, you will receive a certificate with the GPS co-ordinates, so that you'll know exactly where it's growing!


Is taking a digital detox on your bucket list? WIFI is often limited in the more remote areas covered by Acacia, so an overland jaunt in Africa is like rehab for the seriously addicted social networker. Don’t worry if your anxiety levels end up hitting an all time high due to sudden Internet withdrawal, as access is offered at camps or inexpensive sim-cards can be purchased “in country”.

Acacia Africa (020 7706 4700; info@acacia-africa.com; acacia-africa.com). SATSA membership No. 1931, ATOL No. 6499 and ABTA No. W4093 PROTECTED.