Thursday nights are the 70s version of Saturday nights (not based on any factual information but just go with it).

Thursday nights rule because who isn’t excited for Friday and what better week night to stay out just a little later enjoying good times with friends and new friends and people in general?

It’s the one week night you don’t feel as pressured to go to bed early because there is only one weekday left to conquer.

Also people tend to be in a better mood on Thursday nights (also completely fabricated) than they are on Saturday nights because they don’t have to try as hard as they do on a Saturday night. Let's face it we put a lot of pressure on Saturday night especially if in the dating scene.

When you are single, Saturday night is often a big disappointment.

It’s when you are out on one of those set-ups where the person across the table from you is going on and on about who knows what while you already decided you were not attracted to them 5 minutes after they arrived and you are secretly wishing you were home in your draw string sweatpants (which are far better than the ones with the elastic band waist because you can always loosen the draw string after your 3 first mega spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's or handful of Kettle Chips or big bites of Dark Chocolate) prepping for Saturday Night Live (a Saturday night series that has lasted and outlasted – here’s to you Lorne Michaels).


Things also taste better on Thursday nights because you have been at work all day and by the time you meet up with friends for dinner you are starving. And we all know that when we are really hungry, just about anything tastes good at least for the first 5 minutes and if you happen to be drinking a lot, it surpasses 5 minutes. How great is that?

You know what else is especially wonderful about Thursday nights? You can still plan a better Saturday night with people you actually want to hang with as opposed to a stranger who says the word “I” several times before you are able to order your second drink.

The good thing is that you can always make an excuse as to why you need to head home early such as “I really need to get home in time for Saturday Night Live.” 

Okay but here is something that really makes Thursday night a winner – travel – yes – a Long Weekend Away planned by an exceptionally talented and wonderful friend – your Travel Agent.

You may want to fly to Vegas for the weekend with some friends and enjoy the shows and the casino and the "people watching" or you may be in the mood for a golf or ski destination (and if you go to Whistler you can golf and ski in the same day – ditto for some other places that your Travel Agent knows all about). Or how about a family weekend trip? Camping or Yachting or a Cruise?

Maybe you just want to get away and be pampered. Why not visit a Spa and enjoy some Yoga, a massage, organic food, a cleansing and some long overdue shut eye?

Thursday night is the best night of the week. It can change your entire frame of mind and almost guarantees an amazingly smooth Friday.


And Friday, well, it’s a whole lot better if you have it off and you find yourself on an awesome Weekend Getaway even if you have to miss Saturday Night Live.

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