What is the maximum number of bags you can check?

Considering the baggage allowance policy of Ethiopian airlines, it is a very generous one. Passengers who have booked their flights through Ethiopian airlines contact number are offered an exceptional free baggage allowance limit that most airlines do not provide. Therefore, giving international as well as local passengers a comfortable journey with maximum convivence.

Here’s everything you need to know about the maximum number of bags you can check with Ethiopian Airlines.

Free Checked Baggage Allowance

The free checked-in baggage allowance for passengers traveling with Ethiopian airlines depends upon the type of ticket purchased.

1. The business class ticket holders, also known as ‘Cloud Nine’ travellers, are allowed to carry either of the following two;
• Two bags with a maximum weight limit of 32 kg per bag.
• Three bags with a maximum weight limit of 23 kg per bag.
2. On the other hand, economy class ticket holders can only carry up to two bags of 23 kg weight maximum, per bag.
3. However, it must be kept in mind that no matter the class of your air travel with Ethiopian airlines the sum of the dimensions of the checked-in bags should not be more than 158 cm.
4. When traveling with Ethiopian airlines, it is advised for the passengers to ensure their presence at the airport at least 3 hours before the departure of the flight. Especially if the passenger has to fulfil the formalities of checked baggage.
• For domestic flights, baggage must be checked-in at least 45 minutes before departure time.
• For international flights, luggage must be checked-in at least 1 hour before departure for the flight.

Excess checked baggage policy

If your checked-in baggage crosses the allowed limit, an additional fee may be charged by the airline in order to allow you to carry those extra kgs. The excess baggage policy is as follows;

1. If your checked luggage is only overweight a few kilograms i.e., 1-2 kg, most airlines, and airports allow this much change to be carried without any fee.
2. If your baggage is overweight by more than 2 kilograms, you would be charged an excess baggage fee to carry the extra items.
3. The excess baggage fee would depend upon;
a. Your flight route (connecting or direct).
b. Your arrival destination.
c. Type of your ticket.
d. The extent of overweighing baggage.
4. Remember that there’s also a limit for overweight baggage to be carried. If that limit is crossed, the passenger is left with no other choice than to compromise on not traveling with the extra items in the checked baggage. These items are taken out and given to the airport authorities.
5. You can expect to spend anywhere from US $60 to US $300 for your excess baggage fee depending upon the above-mentioned conditions.

So, the maximum number of bags that you check with Ethiopian airlines is two for economy class and three for business class; each of them weighing 23 kg max for each bag.

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