What is the age limit for Hajj 2023?

What is the age limit for Hajj 2023?

The Hajj is a religious pilgrimage which Muslims make to the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. However, it has some rules to perform that you have to follow. One such restriction can be the age limit, so take a look at this article “What is the age limit for Hajj 2023?” The whole description will help you to know the instructions to perform it.

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Every Muslim has to perform it at least once in their lifetime (if financially and physically able). Every year, it occurs at the same time in the Islamic calendar month of Dhul Hijjah. This pillar of Islam starts on the 8th of Dhul Hijjah and lasts until the 13th of Dhul Hijjah.

When is Hajj 2023?

First, make sure to know the estimated dates of Hajj 2023 for its limitations. In the coming year, it will approximately start on Monday 26 June and will end on Saturday 1st of July.

Hajj 2023 age limit

Millions of Muslims visit Saudi Arabia each year to perform Hajj. Due to the effects of Covid-19, this number has decreased in recent years. With virus cases now on the decline, Saudi Authorities have decided to ease restrictions and open its borders to more international travellers.

The Saudi government has made several entry prohibitions, including those who travel for religious purposes. In 2022, Hajj pilgrims will have to be under 65 and fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Additionally, they must show proof of a negative PCR test performed 72 hours before travel to the kingdom. Those who have never performed it will be given preference.

It is being considered that the age limitations of 2023 will be the same as in 2022. For the coming year, the Saudi government has not yet announced the limitations to perform it. But the Saudi government is deciding to release the restrictions on upcoming pilgrimages. The ministry will take a look at the reports of virus situations. Once the decision is done, an official notification will be issued on Saudi official online platforms.

How can you apply for Hajj 2023?

Pilgrims who wish to perform this Islamic journey can register directly on motawif.com online. The portal offers a variety of Hajj packages, support services, and a multilingual communication centre.

After providing accurate information on the application form, you must wait for a response from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. However, here some requirements are mentioned to apply for it next coming year:

  • Age must not be older than 65 years old
  • Only Hajj visa services agents can handle visa applications
  • The applicant must possess a passport valid for at least six months to enter the kingdom
  • Non-citizen applicants of the country should have legal residency documents.

How much can Hajj 2023 cost?

The total cost of Hajj packages is more than the Umrah plans. When booking a package through a travel agency, the cost from the UK can range significantly from £5,000 to £10,000. It may vary, depending on the lodging and staying days that you choose while booking.

It is crucial to remember that selecting between shifting and non-shifting packages can have an impact on the price. Moving requires you to physically ‘shift’ yourself and your belongings to a new place of residence. While in non-shifting, you can maintain your home and maintain your peace of mind.

Are there any Saudi limitations for women in Hajj 2023?

For the Hajj, women must travel with a Mahram. The application must be submitted with evidence of kinship. In 2022, a woman over 45 was able to perform it without a Mahram with an organized group. He had to present a letter of no objection from her Mahram. However, for the coming year, the policy depends on the Saudi Ministry. Also, women can perform Umrah without a Mahram.

Can Hajj 2023 perform on a tourist visa?

It is a big confusion in most people’s minds that they can perform pilgrimage on a tourist visa. The Saudi government’s current policy prohibits them to perform it on a tourist visa. By using a visit visa, people can travel abroad for leisure, business, and medical care but can’t do major pilgrimages.

Hajj is not a straightforward journey where you stop at different places, as you would on another typical journey. The worship incorporates several Islamic rituals, such as Tawaf, sacrifice etc. A reserved system was introduced for those who travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the pilgrimage. Every nation in the world has a particular restriction. It might be challenging to control the number of pilgrims there if the Saudi government allows everyone to perform rituals on a visit visa.


Performing Hajj is one of the greatest blessings from God. Both Muslim men and women must perform it. People who are not in good physical and financial health should not participate. Muslims who intend to perform it must apply for it before setting out on their pilgrimage. When reserving their Hajj Packages 2023, they should be aware of every step in the application process for their pilgrimage.

If the Saudi government allows anyone to perform pilgrimage on a tourist visa, it may be difficult to manage the flow of pilgrims. But starting after Covid-19, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah began issuing Hajj visas via the online system. A visa is now easier to get for Muslims than it has ever been.

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