You spent the whole year sitting at your desk, locked in the office, contracted and covered by mountains of papers. The moment you finally decide to go on vacation to avoid exploding under pressure or suffering an anxiety attack, you imagine lying in a hotel, doing absolutely nothing, ordering room service. The first day of your stay you feel in paradise, but from the second day onwards you walk the walls and think that there is no point in having travelled all the way to a beautiful city to be locked up there. You're right. Your body needs movement so that you can de-stress and the best way to make the most of your days off is to spend them getting to know the city. That's why Madrid tours are the best option for you. 

What do walking tours consist of?

They have guided group tours around the city, which are carried out on foot and which you can join at any time during the tour. You will recognize the coordinators because they are usually at some symbolic point of the city, often, a square, dressed in flashy clothes or carrying an identifying umbrella. They typically take a sign informing in which language the talk will be given and serving as a guide for the tour. There is no charge at the beginning. And its value is generally estimated by tourists at the end of the tour.

Why is it the best option to tour Madrid?

Conventional tours often have high prices and include excursions to places that may not be of interest to you. On the other hand, in walking tours, you set the price, and you can get an overview of the whole city by doing different circuits. Then you can go and see only the places that caught your attention and avoid wasting hours visiting those that didn't make a good first impression. 

Besides, walking tours are usually more informal and exciting. Many times the people who lead the tours do not tour guides. But they are permanent residents of Madrid who will take you to hidden places in the city that you would never see on a formal or package tour. They will tell you many funny anecdotes.

It is very likely that by the end of the tour the group has interacted enough to create good bonds to spend time together the following days; even that same night in some tapas bar. Don't miss the opportunity to leave your chair to discover the world and make new friends.