Are you the type of person who would trade a long walk on the beach while watching the sunset with alpine or cross-country skiing without hesitation? Do you consider yourself an adrenaline seeker? If you do, nobody can blame you, especially taking into account the major benefits provided by this aerobic endurance activity. Hitting the slopes is fun and exciting, but the strength achieved after several weeks of skiing will make you feel invincible. According to researches, whether you view it as a competitive winter sport or a recreational activity, skiing boosts cardiovascular and muscular fitness, increases the level of happiness and satisfaction, improves mental health and it burns calories, which is why skiers have a big appetite after only 30 minutes on the trails. We all know that winter depressions strikes when you do not expect, but skiing represents the most efficient counter-attack because it keeps both your body and your mind busy. Undoubtedly, there is no other way of spending the upcoming winter months that enjoying a well-deserved ski vacation.

When it comes to skiing destinations, you should rejoice because whether you choose to travel to Australia, Europa, North or South America, you will face the experience of your life. In fact, you have to initiate an extreme selection process because of the multitude of unique places across the globe destined for ski enthusiasts. Of course, you have to consider important aspects like your budget and your current location because you probably want to get there as fast as possible and remain with some money in your pockets when the adventure ends.  Since this article focuses on all ski lovers out there, it includes different memorable places around the world ideal for skiing, among them being already popular locations like France, Austria and Finland, but also unusual ski resorts like Africa, Dubai and Hawaii. The best part about these types of trips is that you get the chance to explore new spots that others do not even dream to visit while enjoying your main passion or hobby.


France includes some of the most popular ski resorts for all ages

If you already live on the European continent, then you probably are familiar with the best destinations for hitting the slopes alone, with friends or with the entire family. The ski resorts located here are suitable for any budget, but also for both amateurs and professional skiers. According to all the visitors who ever got there, Val Thorens, located in the French Alps, provides a truly unforgettable experience. The station keeps improving over time and invests significant amounts of money in creating the perfect environment and atmosphere for people who cannot help but get high hopes whenever exploring a new place.  Youngsters and elders get together in one of the best winter resorts, namely Alpe d’Huez, located in the Central French Western Alps, to experience relaxation, fun and laughter, but also adrenaline. We cannot leave France without mentioning another much appreciated ski destination – Montgenèvre, with 85 kilometers of pistes. It is ideal particularly for families because children can engage in various activities while taking ski lessons.


Spain made significant improvements so that ski lovers can have a unique experience

The next country on our list that all ski lovers need to visit at least once in their lifetime refers to Spain. This popular destination welcomes all levels of skiers while offering excellent weather conditions for this respective activity, lift prices and accommodation. Beginners should rejoice because with the increased popularity of skiing, highly trained professional teachers decided to lend amateurs a hand when attempting their first tentative steps on the trails. The large number of visitors also led to a significant financial investment for buying and installing ski lifts capable of carrying more skiers at once and modern machinery. Although Spain has approximately 30 ski resorts, which you can easily explore online on https://skiersplanet.com/, we are going to mention the most renowned including Sierra Nevada, Formigal, Panticosa and La Molina. Do you remember what we said at the beginning of the article about trading a walk on the beach for a skiing adventure? Well, with Sierra Nevada you no longer have to make such a compromise because you can get the best of both worlds. You can dedicate your mornings to hitting the slopes and in the evenings head towards the Mediterranean beaches.


Afghanistan and Cyprus are unusual ski places for a definite change of pace

Even though we can tackle many other locations ideal for skiing like Italy, Austria and India, we decided to direct out attention towards more unusual or unexpected places for ski enthusiasts like Afghanistan, Cyprus, Hawaii and Dubai. If you are a non-conformist, then the traditional ski resort will not do the trick for you so the most logical decision is exploring virgin territory. Afghanistan's Bamyan resort in the Hindu Kush mountains does not have chair lifts, though -  meaning that you will have to hike up, not to mention that you have to be very careful because avalanches may occur unexpectedly. If you are not afraid of taking risks, then this might become your favorite spot. Cyprus, just like Sierra Nevada, represents a location for those indecisive visitors who want to combine skiing and swimming in the same vacation. This is possible because even though Cyprus is a Mediterranean island, it has Mount Olympus. You might have to hurry in order to seize the striking views because the ski season is quite short.


Hawaii and Dubai hold unexpected surprises for all skiers out there        

When you say Hawaii, you definitely do not think about hitting the slopes. Instead, you picture yourself relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in your hand. Some people might know the Mauna Kea or White Mountain, which represents the tallest volcano with 4.205 meters, for its astronomical observatory. Nevertheless, skiers and snowboarders know better because after experiencing a unique adventure here, they always come back. This location target particularly professional skiers due to the lack of trails, controls and ski lifts. Dubai provides something different, something that other destinations do not include, namely the largest indoor ski resort in the world. If you thought that heat and snow do not go together, think again because Dubai proved the contrary with an ambitious project.