People are traveling more than ever before, and the reasons behind this are quite numerous. First, the means of commute are more sophisticated than they’ve ever been before, and via plane, you can now make a voyage in a matter of hours, instead of embarking on a perilous journey that lasts days or weeks.

And with the internet, it’s now possible to book and confirm your flight, lodging, and other arrangements without even leaving your desk or making an expensive international call; with all the agencies, apps and platforms, organizing an overseas voyage is easier than it’s ever been before. All of this has made flying into more of a lifestyle than anything else. And here are five lifesaving travel tips on which most frequent flyers agree - and some might surprise you!

Don’t be Too Loyal to One Airline

Most airlines offer perks to frequent flyers, or even reward them for their loyalty, by providing them with extra benefits based on the number of miles they’ve traveled. The truth is that, in most scenarios, the saving you make in this way
doesn’t actually pay off.

You see, by giving you a fictional reward somewhere down the line, or by promising you a more frugal travel-scheme through a special point system that can be converted into a discount, they’re making you stick by them even when their competitors clearly have superior offers. By looking at every single offer like it was a stand-alone, you could make your overall flying expenses much lower.

Don’t Use Your Airline Card for Regular Spending

One of the best tricks that airlines use is to give you a chance to rack up miles by making regular purchases with their airline cards. While this may sound reasonable, keep in mind that it may end up costing you more money than it may save. Instead, why not
sign up for an American Express platinum card, to use during your travels. In this way, you can earn some travel credit, pay for a low annual fee, and get involved in a game with a much more useful point system.

Get a Luggage GPS

People who frequent airports know just how common lost luggage is. And even when things end up to everyone’s benefit, these situations cause a lot of stress. So, the best way to handle these situations is to acquire a GPS device that’s the size of a wallet and insert it into your luggage. This way you’ll always know its whereabouts.

Pool Your Miles with a Partner

Another money-saving idea is to pool your airline miles with a spouse, other relative, or friend. You get twice the signup bonuses, even in a scenario where one of the partners travels more frequently than the other. Either way, it’s the same household budget we’re talking about, which means that it shouldn’t matter where the saving comes from. All that matters are the points and the miles you get to save by pursuing them.

Dress Comfortably

Finally, unless you’re about to meet an important client (on your business trip) as soon as you land, you need to place comfort above anything else. Your mood during the flight might change your first impression of the target destination, which is why you need to
make it count. Depending on the length of the flight, you might want to go with wide-leg pants or stretchy leggings, both of which allow you a lot of comfort and a full range of motion. For starters, you might want to get a long jacket, a hoodie or a cotton top. In other words, keep it simple and versatile.


As you could see, these tips reflect on three major points – comfort, frugality and safety. Each of these deserves a post of its own. But bettering your style of travel with these recommendations will always work to your benefit, without any serious downsides - and ignoring them doesn’t stand to save you anything, while it may lose you quite a bit.