11 Excellent Day Trips from Toronto

ALS_GameReserves_Section2_14-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xAfrican Lion Safari

's largest city of course boasts a large and varied menu of sites and experiences to keep you busy on holiday. But if you have the time, there are also many compelling places in Ontario outside Toronto to enjoy nature, culture, and adventure as day trips or overnighters (you can either drive yourself, take a bus tour, or even a private car tour). Have a look at the following and see what might interest you!

African Lion Safari, Hamilton

Just over an hour down Lake Ontario in the city of Hamilton, this 750-acre, mostly drive-through park with some walk-through areas is home to more than a thousand animals - not just lions but also the likes of zebras, giraffes, white rhinos, ostriches, kangaroos, bison, and many more.
 750 acres

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is known to be the Toronto's go-to park to make yourself move into the nature lifestyle. Visiting this place will surround you to the beauty of forests, lakes as well as river attractions. You can also witness some wildlife which includes loons, bears, wolves, deer and much more.

Blue Mountain and Collingwood

The ski resort of the Blue Mountain is located outside of the Collingwood is known to be the perfect day trip throughout the whole year. As sbout 2.5 hours northwest of Toronto, this stunning area is all the time full of families. You can involve yourself in the activities such as ski, bike, hike, or play in and around the Village of Blue Mountain year-round.

Canada's Wonderland

Located at the distance of around an hour to the north of downtown Toronto, Canada's Wonderland is known to be the country's premier amusement park. You will capture some best roller coasters in Canada and with fun rides, or games, circus shows, as well as smell of candy and carnival food which is wafting through the air.

Gravenhurst/Lake Muskoka Cruise

The town of Gravenhurst is located as in between the shores of Lake Muskoka which is in the heart of southern Ontario's cottage country. This popular lake is having the summer cottages which are all owned by the Canada's most well-known film stars or personalities. Two steamships, the RMS Segwun as well as the Wenonah II is offering the tours of the whole lake exploration.

File:3Falls Niagara.jpg

Saffron Blaze

Niagara Falls

One of North America's first tourism destinations remains among the most popular jaunts from Toronto, some two hours away. The three gargantuan waterfalls here have the highest flow rate of any on the continent, and over many generations plenty of lodging, dining, and entertainment has grown up in the two separate cities that share the falls - one on the Ontario side and the other in New York State - see both, and consider overnighting!


Being the small area, but this tourist town has been the most famous in Toronto. You can catch the fun of traveling into the horse-drawn carriage rides, or the souvenir and visit some tourist shops. It is around 20 minutes away from the Niagara Falls and around one hour from Toronto.

Ski Resorts

Mount Louis Moonstone which is near Barrie is almost an hour from Toronto, as well as Horseshoe Resorts which is around 1.5 hours from the city. Both of them are the small hills and known to be a good option for the families. You will find it to be located in the city of Ellicottville, which is itself worth a day trip.

Stratford Festival

This festival is reknowned as a celebration of theater from May to October. The main foundation of this festival is the works of William Shakespeare, but the event is all about the mixture of classical and contemporary theater performances.

St. Jacob's and its Farmers' Market

The village of St. Jacob's is one such famous area in Toronto which is known for the large population of the Old Order Mennonites. This place is witnessed by the farmers all year around who visit the market to sell all their gods. Hence, this even includes the artisans displaying the crafts and home décor pieces. The most famous attraction here is the year-round farmers' market, where local farmers come to sell their goods. The farmers' market is more than just fruits and vegetables, with artisans displaying one-of-a-kind pieces of art, crafts, and home décor, along with prepared foods.

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