Top Rated Trip in Dubai Desert safari

Top Rated Trip in Dubai Desert safari

UAE states of the most top trending  tourist destinations in the world, so you will find endless things to do there. The city's proximity  to the desert sands makes it an ideal place to explore beautiful dunes and a rich cultural heritage, making it an adventurous experience. 

 It can be said that "Dubai Desert Safari" tourism is an activity that should not be missed when visiting this city. On this tour, you can go camel riding or henna painting, have a barbecue dinner under the stars, and explore a wide variety of activities. Some of them are listed below: 

 Stellar view 

 Starring is also one of the many activities available in the desert safari. With low light pollution in the desert, it's a great place to see the stars and you'll be able to see most  stars and planets up close. 

 Quad  Bike Ride

 Another popular activity on a desert safari is quad biking.It's a great way to explore the desert and see some of the beautiful scenery there. Driving a quad  in the sand gives you a real thrilling experience.  


 Sandboarding is perfect for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush. It's similar to snowboarding, but you're riding over dunes rather than snow. It's a great way to explore the desert and have fun together. 


 Dune buggy ride 


 If you are visiting the dunes for the first time, you will definitely experience this feeling. The Dubai Desert Safari Tour also includes 4×4 and 6 seater buggies which can be used to drive over various dunes.So it will be a fun and very adventurous trip where you can explore the desert and ride a camel. 

 During the tour you will offer unlimited photo ops with your friends and family so  they can perfectly capture those memorable moments  on camera. But be aware that like any other desert safari location, taking pictures on a desert safari is not allowed. 


 Arabic Henna Painting 


 Henna painting is a popular tradition in Arab countries and is celebrated on various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc. While on a desert safari, you can get henna paints for your hands or feet. It's a unique experience and you love the intricate patterns applied to your skin. 


 The henna artists at Evening Desert Safari are very talented and  are sure to find just the right henna design for you. 


 Barbecue Meal 

  Another highlight of  Dubai desert safaris is the barbecue lunch served under the stars. 

 You can enjoy a delicious meal of grilled chicken, salad, rice, tandoori bread, etc. and enjoy the starry sky. It was a great experience that you will never forget. 


 Camel Ride  

 This is a great opportunity to experience the traditional way of  desert travel and have  fun riding  it.The camel trek through the sand dunes will make you feel unforgettable for a lifetime. So, if you are looking for exciting and adventurous activities during your trip to Dubai, camel riding should definitely be on your list. 


 How do you find  time for a desert safari? 

 In Dubai there is so much to see and do. However, a must-see attraction  is the desert safari. The excursion also offers the opportunity to explore the vast stretches of sand that make up the Arabian Desert to enjoy some of the traditional activities such as camel riding and henna painting. 

  Plan your route to ensure you have enough time for a desert safari. If you still have a few days left in Dubai, consider a half-day vacation and that will give you plenty of time to enjoy all the activities offered on  this type of tour without any hassle. 

 If you only have a few hours in Dubai, a full day safari may be more suitable.This allows you to explore the desert and participate in all available activities.

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