The Top 5 Travel Accessories That You Must Own


Travelling these days isn’t as simple as it was a few years back. Once you just had to keep your clothes and toiletries in a bag and you were good to go. But now you need to keep a lot of accessories handy in order to make your travel comfortable. We have made a list of five such things that should always be present in your travel bag. Plus buying them is extremely easy; for example like you can get your neck pillow online, as with various other products. So here are our top five musts:

A Neck Pillow

Whether you are flying or driving, long stretches of sitting can be wearing, and if you try to sleep, that can be problematic as well, often because your neck doesn’t get appropriate support. A neck pillow (top) will give your neck outstanding support and will help you sleep better. If bulk is an issue, you can find plenty of inflatable pillows which can be easily rolled up and packed.

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A Power Bank

Many of us can't live without our smartphones when traveling - not just for staying in touch with the folks back home and monitoring work, but most especially for taking vacation photos. But of course these gadgets need to stay charged in order to do all that, and apart from plugging in back in your room, you'll definitely want a portable charger for those long days without access to an electrical plug. They range wildly in price and number of hours of charging capacity (up to more than $1,000), but you can get a good overview for your needs with this power bank buying guide.

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Noise Canceling Ear Plugs/Headphones

Have you had a crying kid or a yammering fellow passenger ruin your flight? It's happened to many if not most of us. So you should always carry a set of earplugs or noise-cancelling earbuds/headphones to block out the racket and make your travel more comfortable - especially when trying to catch some sleep. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices - and if you don't mind a little extra bulk, noise canceling headphones can be even more effective.

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A Toiletries Bag

If you have been throwing all your toiletries randomly in your bag, stop right away; this isn’t only unorganized but can also spoil your clothes in case anything leaks. Therefore not only should purchase a compact separate bag to keep everything in place, but also consider getting different bags for makeup makeup and toiletries. Options here also range from super-cheap and basic to fancy and pricey.

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A Swiss Army Knife

Though the term "Swiss Army Knife" is a brand name for the 75-product line made by Victorinox, based in Switzerland's Schwyz canton, it's also used as a generic name for the multi-tool pocketknife, of which there are many on the market (Leatherman is another respected brand). These versatile devices vary widely in elaborateness and price, and typically include, besides a pocketknife, a screwdrive, bottle and can openers, mini scissors, a nail file, and other types of blades. Such a tool may or may not come in use on every trip, but when you need it,you'll wish you had it - especially if you're camping, but even in a hotel room when you need a bottle opener (among its myriad uses, it can even serve as a deterrent in self defense). To get an overview and a sense of which knives might best suit your needs, check out How to Choose the Righ Swiss Army Knife: A Complete Guide.