Tips to keep in mind on your next visit to Valencia

Being one of Spain’s largest cities, Valencia offers an unique combination of the Cosmopolitan experience, warm and welcoming sun along with plenty of other fantastic options to chose from and many activities to do and thus making it pretty difficult for any traveler to make a proper itinerary when visiting this city.

Looking transfer services in Valencia is a must do, especially for those visitors that come from far places and could not bring their own family car or personal vehicle; transfer Valencia services are easy to find through a quick search on the internet, allowing the user to find many options fit for different budgets so that they can find the service that better suits the user’s interest. Some of them may even send the car directly to the customer’s door without having to go to any specific location and using only virtual payment methods.

This city offers a mixture of the old and new buildings; from medieval architecture represented by castles and towers, to huge and modern shopping centres, museums and art galleries, Valencia has something for every kind of tourist seeking for different kinds of fun. One of Valencia’s must visit is one of its central squares Plaza de la Reina; being one of Valencia’s most beautiful hangout spots, there are plenty of places to walk by while taking beautiful Instagram-friendly pictures, and then enjoying the local delicacies and drinks. A good recommendation is to avoid paying the “tourists prices” that can be found on the visiting spots; walking a couple of streets away from the plaza and finding a smaller and more budget friendly spot is a good advice to keep in mind during your next visit to this city.

Many travelers would agree that a visit to Valencia’s beaches is a mandatory thing in order to say that you actually visited the city. Valencia has numerous beaches along its coast, many of them being totally unspoiled and undeveloped by the touristic infrastructure, which makes them perfect places to sit around and relax as you forget about the daily stress of the city-dweller’s routine. Some of the most popular ones are La Malvarrosa, which is located near to the port area and is split into different zones. Further away from the city, sandy beaches like Playa de Pinedo can be found, and many of them have many housing options that can come in handy for those visitors that would actually prefer a more relaxing experience away from the city noise.