Tips For Surviving A Day In A Theme Park


What best way to enjoy a fabulous family holiday than by taking everyone to a theme park? With something for everyone, no matter the age, theme parks are the be all and end all of family entertainment. In order to make the most of your theme park holidays and help your family time run smoothly, here are some tips.

The sun is trying to kill you - Well, not really, but close enough. Specially in the summer, you can never be too careful with the sun. Plus, you'll be running around, having fun, and sweating a lot, which increases the risk for dehydration. There are three things you'll need in order to protect you from the sun and the heat. First of all, make sure to apply plenty of waterproof sunscreen to everyone (and re-apply during the day). Second, hand out hats to the whole family. Third, make sure you drink plenty of water during the day. Water bottles are at a premium inside parks, so pack your own or take a canteen.

Parking made easy - In most Orlando theme parks, you can use the ticket from the car park to re-enter the park on the same day. If you're hopping between different Disney parks, you only need to pay for parking the first time, since the ticket will allow you entrance to the other Walt Disney World parks.

Kids aren't adults in doll size - For all that theme parks have great rides and attractions for the whole family, it's often easy to get a bit too overexcited with all the possibilities and just want to try as much as possible. But remember that children, particularly young children, can't keep up with the pace of an adult. Take plenty of breaks and try to balance out the attraction you'd like to try with attractions that would be a smoother ride for your children.

Lost and found - No matter how careful one is, it's possible for children to get separated from their parents in the middle of the crowd. Just in case, make sure you write down on a piece of paper your name, your contact number, the name of your hotel and their contact number, and slip it into your child's pocket. That way, even if they get lost, there's a way to contact you.

Tech is your friend - Most mobile phones nowadays have a camera. This isn't only great to take some quick shots of your holidays, it's also a great way to keep important information handy. You should, for instance, take a photo of your children before leaving the hotel in case you get separated. When you park your car in the theme park's lot, you should also take a picture of the row where you are. That way, you don't need to fear forgetting.