7 Amazing Treks in India's Chandigarh Manali


Manali, also known as the trekking capital of India, is perfect for turning your monotonous vacations into a thrill-filled journey where you can enjoy amidst the beautiful and serene natural environment which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Here are some breathtaking treks which make Manali one of the most famous tourist destinations of India:

#Jogini Waterfalls Trek

The three-kilometer trek which lasts for around half-an-hour is the simplest yet amazing trek which you can witness in Manali. This trek begins with the Vashisht Temple and ends when you reach Jogini waterfalls, where you can take beautiful photos to get the most out of the Chandigarh to Manali family tour packages.

#Lama Dugh Trek

The comparatively easy Lama Dugh Trek is a seven-hour long trek which starts from Hadimba Temple and continues all the way up to Lama Dugh, for which you have to traverse the thick alpine forest surrounding the city. What makes this trek really interesting is that there are no water points on the route, so you have to either bring water with you or prepare for the trek without water.

#Bhrigu Lake Trek

As it has a lengthy route, it will take you around four days to complete the Bhrigu Lake Trek. Do not skip it after considering its length and the time it takes, as when you see the encaptivating glacial lake which remains frozen for the most part of the year, you will know that it is worth all your time and energy.  The vistas of snow-clad mountains and the beautiful sunset and sunrise views add to the already amazing trek.

#Hamya Herbal Trek

Just the fact that the maximum elevation in the Hamya Herbal Trek is of 4267m should get all the adventure enthusiasts packing their bags for this trek. It is a slightly difficult trek and, you must have some trekking experience before going on this trek. It is one of the best treks to explore the vast Himalayan terrain.

#Deo Tibba Trek

Deo Tibba Trek provides scenic beauty in abundance which makes it a wonderful trek for all the photography lovers. It ideally takes around a week for completing the trek which you start from Khanol, which is a 1.5-hour ride away from Manali.

#Beas Kund Trek

If you are interested in exploring the origin of river Beas, you should opt for the Beas Kund Trek in between May and October. The trek is also a perfect way to enjoy your weekends, as it takes only two days to complete this trek. Make sure that you bring along sufficient warm clothes as the temperature can be really chilly sometimes.

#Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass trek is famous as the travelers get a chance to enjoy amidst snow, provided that they visit in the right season. The best thing about Hampta Pass Trek is that in only four days, not only do you get to do various activities in the snow, but you also get to see wonderful places like Jobra, Chika, Balu ka Ghera, Shea Goru, and Chatru.

Thus, Chandigarh Manali tour packages offer you an amazing opportunity to spend your vacations in a thrilling way as you take on any of the amazing treks of Manali.