Romance on a Plane

You are a single corporate road warrior (or pretending to be one).


Maybe you are divorced or separated or never married.


Maybe you like women. Maybe you like men. Maybe you like goats.


As long as you are happy it’s not anyone’s business (except maybe the goat).


You head off on another business trip overseas.


You are set for a long flight and can’t wait to be in the air away from everything and everyone. It’s a chance to close your eyes and drift off to some make believe land.


You get settled in your seat in business class and take a long deep breath and then you hear a voice and that voice is talking to you.


You look up and there is a tall, attractive man gesturing toward the seat next to you (side bar: if you prefer a tall handsome woman, just go with that). He smiles, there is eye contact, he smells good and you move aside and he sits beside you.


At first you both politely stare ahead waiting for the announcements and take off.


Then as soon as the plane is in the air, he turns to you and asks what it is you do for a living.


The “starter” conversation begins and before you know it you are laughing, sharing stories and this plane ride is the best date you have had in a long time.


You head for the washroom and check what you look like in the mirror even though you know what you look like in the mirror. You do the breath test with your hand to your mouth and you take a mint.


You wonder if this stranger you have just met on a plane may become more than just someone you met on a plane and then you remind yourself it is best not to set yourself up for disappointment.




When you return to your seat another conversation ensues and as the hours go by you nap together, eat together, watch a movie together and it’s the longest relationship you have had since your last great big heartbreak. It’s almost too good to be true.


And as you sit there trying to remember the last time you made love, shared love and had love (thanks to the late Barry White for those words), you start to wonder about that mile high club and why you never joined and whether they are still giving out memberships.


And as the plane begins touch down and you feel as if you have known this man for much longer than 10 hours, you hope that he will ask you if you’d like to meet up for dinner some time or coffee or shuffleboard.


And just as you are reaching for your laptop from the overhead bin, he grabs it for you and he says “It was great meeting you. I would love to have you over for dinner when we are both back from our trips."


The words leave his mouth and you hear the voice in your head saying “Yes, yes, yes”


Then he adds “My boyfriend is an amazing chef. You’ll love his rainbow trout.”


And then the voice in your head says “No, no, no”


As you solemnly await your baggage at that big round spinning machine, a man across the way catches your eye. You smile at him, he smiles at you.


He is a “Ginger Head” and you never experienced one of those. You also never experienced baked alaska but you have seen it on TV.

You decide to look away. After all things are not as romantic or interesting when both your feet are on the ground. There’s something magical and mystical about being up in the air.


It's a form of escapism. It's what gets you from here to there. It's where everything you ever thought was impossible becomes possible. 

But sooner or later we all have to head in for a landing.

Disclaimer: No goats were harmed while writing this post. As a matter of fact the author enjoys a nice piece of goat cheese, bathes in goat soap and has the highest regards for goats and all of their relatives. 

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