Prologue To Paris

Welcome aboard to an interesting tour to thisFrench metropolis that is known to be the leading fashion capital in the world. It is also home to the captivating Eiffel Tower that has awed more than thousands of tourists. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy one great ride of your life.


Paris is the center and largest area in France which represents the most dynamic hub of economical activity in the country. It has been regarded as the “City of Lights” since the nineteenth century that has also gained a reputation for being the “romantic” city. Situated on the banks of the river Seine in the northern- central region, Paris hosts a rich array of museums and galleries. It has been reported to be the most visited place in the entire globe with more than thirty million excursionists per year.

It produces more than a quarter of the nation’s wealth with a gross domestic product of €450 billion or US&506.7 billion in 2003. With the nearby La Defense, Europe’s largest business district, Paris also hosts the offices of almost half of all the French companies, as well as the headquarters of major international firms and organizations such as UNESCO and OECD, to name a few.

* Geography of Paris
It is located on a north- bending arc of the river Seine that includes two inhabited islands, Ile Saint Louis and Ile dela Cite. It has several prominent hills, the highest of which is Montmartre at 130 meters above sea level. Paris covers 105.397 square kilometers excluding the outlying parks of Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes. Its borders have remained largely unchanged since 1860, when Napoleon III and Haussmann doubled the area of Paris to 78 square kilometers by annexing the land within the city’s ring of fortifications. However, the city limits have changed marginally in the 1920’s reaching about 86.9 square kilometers.

* Climate in Paris
The city has a marine west coast weather which is affected by the North Atlantic Drift where the inhabitants experience an extremely high or low temperature. The average annual high temperature is about 24 degrees Celsius and the low temperature tends to remain around an average of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Paris has recently seen an intense temperature with both the heat wave of 2003 and the cold wave of 2006. Rainfall can occur at any time of the year. Actually, the place is known for its sudden showers. The city sees an average yearly precipitation of around 25.2 inches. Snowfall is a rare occurrence, usually appearing in the coldest months of January or February (but has been recorded as late as April), and almost never accumulates enough to make a covering that will last more than a day.

This is just a taste of what Paris has to offer. There are still a lot more to discover that you would want to for yourself. That for sure would be the real icing on the cake. You may want to pack up your luggage and get the next flight. It will be more than a memorable rendezvous.

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