8 Best Parks For Picnics in Toronto


It's not surprising that during the warm season, Toronto’s parks attract huge crowds who like to eat and get in some relaxation in the open air. So if that appeals to you, we’ve prepared a list of the best parks for a nice picnic in Toronto. These are not only traditional lawns and gardens. You’ll find there completely unexpected spots which will satisfy even the most demanding picnic connoisseurs.

High Park

High Park is a real paradise for picnic lovers. If you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday or just like open air relaxation, this spot is perfectly suitable for you. And don’t worry about food – you’ll be able to find everything you need in the shop located on Bloor Street. 1873 Bloor St W.; GPS coordinates: 43.645814, -79.465227.

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Sunnybrook Park

Sunnybrook Park is known for its amazing weeping willows, old pine trees and ravines flooded with sunlight. Located between the Leslie and Bayview Streets, this incredibly beautiful park greatly stands out from the city. Undoubtedly you will want there to turn your picnic into a full dinner. The park features hundreds of picnic areas, lots of which are equipped with a grill, and a separate children’s playground.  1132 Leslie St.; GPS coordinates: 43.724425, -79.359993

Earl Bales Park

Tired from the bustle of the city and want to find a cozy place to relax? Set off to Earl Bales Park!  Although it’s situated not far from the Toronto city center, it’s hidden from the major streets and highways. The highlight of the park is stunning landscapes and incredible views of Toronto. Wait for the sunset, take a blanket, a thermos of hot tea and allow yourself to dream admiring beautiful night sky. 4169 Bathurst St.; GPS coordinates: 43.751842, -79.432177.

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Morningside Park

If you want to fully enjoy an open-air relaxation in Toronto – spend the whole day in Morningside Park. The park offers lovely green lawns, children’s playgrounds and barbecue spots. So, install a small canopy next to one of the picnic areas of the park, change clothes into something comfortable and enjoy the amazing weekend with your family or friends.  390 Morningside Ave.; GPS coordinates: 43.777711, -79.192132. 

Ashbridges Bay Park

Ashbridges Bay Park is obviously an ideal choice for everyone who wants to spend some hours in a cozy place located near the water. Don’t rush to stop at one of the spots right near the parking lot. Take a walk along the coast to the south-west, and you’ll find a small charming peninsula with lots of tables for picnic. By the way, Ashbridges Bay Park provides spectacular sunset views making it a perfect spot for a romantic date. 10-22 Ashbridges Bay Park Rd.; 
GPS coordinates: 43.659618, -79.311105

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Trinity Bellwoods Park

Amazing scenery, beautiful nature, warm plaid and bag with snacks: what else do you need for a great picnic? The only advice - if you don’t like huge crowds of tourists, try to plan your picnic not on the days of mass events. 790 Queen St W.; GPS coordinates: 43.646469, -79.415341.

Dufferin Grove Park

And here’s the favorite of the city’s visitors and residents alike, its particularly notable feature a farmer’s market, where you can purchase something tasty and then arrange a picnic. In addition, you have a great opportunity to bake your own bread in the public oven located right there. It’s not surprising that numerous celebrations are often held in Dufferin Grove Park, because this is an ideal spot to relax for kids and their parents. 875 Dufferin St.; GPS coordinates 43.656885, -79.434425.

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Scarborough Bluffs Park

Picnic admiring one of the best landscapes in Toronto. The unique scenery of this park creates an amazing atmosphere of privacy and romance. There’s also a beautiful sandy beach overlooking magnificent rocky cliffs and Lake Ontario. A visit to this park will be a real escape from reality! 61 Under Cliff Dr.; GPS coordinates: 43.704117, -79.241898.

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As you can see, Toronto is very suitable spot for those who like nature and open-air relaxation. Its numerous parks provide excellent conditions for picnic, and you should certainly check out at least one of them during your trip to Toronto. By the way, it’s recommended to rent a car in case you want to find your favorite spot effortlessly and without wasting the time.

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