More Jamaica Travel Tips

When coming to Jamaica don't forget:

Chargers, Batteries & Re-Chargers

Jamaica uses the same volt & plug system as the USA, 110v, so you will need to bring a US plug convertor if you are travelling from outside the USA for any electrical equipment such as phone chargers etc. We keep battery re-chargers in the office for guests to recharge their batteries, sadly you can’t take them back to your rooms with you as we had too many stolen. Just in case we get overrun with all of our guests wanting to use chargers we advise bringing along your own to be safe.

European 220v plugs are in the deluxe and superior rooms and in various locations in the public areas as well as in our office.



We advise rather than picking out a few things in your wardrobe, to think outfits –beyond the beach there are plenty of occasions when you will need more than a swimsuit including dinner at Mille Fleurs. For a 2-week holiday think of those occasions and prepare 4 outfits around them. Try to choose cotton and linen where possible which are comfortable and quick drying and allow the skin to breathe, in humid conditions jeans do end up feeling like you are wearing a weight as well as socks that will "wick" (draw moisture away from the skin).


Make clothing items do double duty, men's shorts can double as swimming trunks, a woman's tankini top can be an evening top. A shirt can layer over a dress in place of a jacket.

A Kagool is useful to carry around in the case of a storm blowing up. A loose jacket is perfect for the evening, you will not need a cardigan or jumper unless you’re spending time in the mountains in the winter.

Amongst your outfits do try and include a convertible pair of trousers with zips, so that you can shorten or lengthen them depending on where you are visiting and according to the temperature. An elasticised -waist is slightly more comfortable to wear in humid weather than having buttons cut in. Trousers with zips are perfect to hold all those precious essentials and are lighter than carrying around a big bag.


On your flight to Jamaica we suggest one change of outfit in your hand luggage, or the minimum of 1 large t-shirt, a change of underwear and any essential medication, spare glasses that you take and hang on to that airline toothbrush as it could come in handy – and one or two books in case of delays. Every airport has its fair share of left luggage disasters, and it’s better to proactively plan for the worst so that the first couple days of your holiday won’t be ruined having to run round clothes shops or pharmacies buying essentials to see you through. Since you are coming to a beach location and the hotel has a pool you might want to include your swimsuit as well. Bring two swimsuits so you'll always have a dry one

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  • Two swimsuits is BRILLIANT. Wish I'd thought of that on my trip to Laguna Beach last year!!
  • Good packing tips!
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