Mesmerizing Napa Valley, California

California's Napa Valley is one of the most popular tourist spots in the United States, located north of San Francisco. It is a perfect destination to attract millions of tourists every year. If you are really amongst the aspiring visitors to spend the best holiday tour, then you can get ready for Tours of California. Right from the fabulous touring spots, amazing viewpoints to the lavishing multi-cuisines, you will find everything of your right choice at Napa Valley and booking suites at Napa boutique hotel can make your tour a successful event. Moreover, the most amazing feature at the outstanding Napa Valley, California is the finest winery attractions.

California is well known for the production of about 90% of the wine production in US. The wine country of the world specializes in providing freshly made lip smacking wines to the world. It is amazing to know that California ships millions of gallons of wine in the US and abroad every year. If you are planning a trip to California, a wine tour in Napa Valley is must.

In the Napa Valley you can experience a mind-blowing wine country tour, which can offer you a wide range of packages of winery experience. Book your accommodations at Napa boutique hotels since a complete touring experience can take two-three days of activities. Through this tour, you can also gain the experience of knowing which food actually complements with which type of wine and vice-versa. You will be very surprised to know that Napa Valley wine tours are not only fruitful to the wine-lovers but it is an excellent tour opportunity for non-wine lovers too. At Napa Valley, you can explore more and have the pleasure of mesmerizing wines to obtain a superior experience.

Napa Valley is cultivating in the hands of world's most creative and efficient farmers who work hard to grow world's rarest food items. It is famous for loads of fresh and organic food items. The restaurants and markets of this valley serve fresh foodstuffs every day. If you want to experience the mesmerizing beauty of Napa Valley and want to please your mouth with the engraved tastes of delicious cuisines and multi-ranges of wines book your tickets to California.

Along with all these multiple activities, you can enjoy the royal accommodations of Napa hotels and resorts, which promises an urban feeling amidst the rural setting. You can find deluxe rooms as well as the royal suite life at every accommodation. Take pleasure of fine living and true sense of luxurious experience with California Tours.