4 Top Spots to Visit in Mauritius



The island nation Mauritius is one of the most beautiful places in Africa. which can mesmerize you with a number of features and numerous options throughout the year. Each day here is better with the fun options available like white sand inside which the turquoise blue water enhance the beauty, dense green cover with tall mountains standing stiff, Mauritian culture that includes numerous cultures making it a multi-ethnic land with yummy food available in different varieties. What more does one need?

The best part is that you can explore each of its corner with car hire in Mauritius. Yes, here you find the easy rental service from where you can book a car of your choice and according to your needs, whether you need a hatchback, extra long, five-seater, seven-seater and more.

But apart from this let me take you some of the most beautiful places in Mauritius that will leave your jaw dropped.

Black River Gorges National Park

Located in the western part of the island, this park garners immense attraction because of the natural beauty it offers. It is the biggest national park and the largest protected area of Mauritius where animal species and the flowering plants can give you lots of eye-soothing views. For the animals and plants lovers, this is absolutely the right spot for you. It takes around 3-4 hours to explore the rare 700+ varieties of species available here. Birdwathcing, waterfalls, hiking, etc. can be experienced here. Must visit there when you are in Mauritius.

Pereybere Beach

A small beach on the northern side of the island.it is the perfect spot for the family and for the friends. Also swimming is one of the activities to do in Mauritius with the calm water, not risking your life anyways. Among the beaches it is one of the most happening one that allows you to enjoy some shopping experience and also enjoy the sea food at some of the famous restaurants here. Also you will find some of the fruits and ice cream vendors always fixed at some of these places.

Trou Aux Biches

A small town with large tourist attraction serving some renowned resorts serving modern amenities. It is one of the most desired locations for honeymooners, giving a picturesque location to all. There are myriad of options you can enjoy here like fishing in the calm Indian ocean, exploring the gorgeous marine life with snorkelling, you will be enchanted with the coral reefs, and then comes the submarine dive that is a unique opportunity that let the travellers explore the deep ocean.

Blue Bay

A small town located in the southeast of Mauritius. This beach is the great destination to enjoy the varieties of activities at the Blue Bay Marine Park. It is mainly focus for the tranquil water and the secluded living. It is the calm town of Mauritius. in fact every visitor of Mauritius plans to visit Blue Bay at any cost. It is also a wetland site that offers 70 different species of fishes and approximately 40 species of corals.

Once you enter here, you wont feel like going back anyways, so get ready for the mesmerizing trip.