Lighthouses (2)

Australia's Cape Byron Lighthouse


The lighthouse at Cape Byron stands atop the rugged cliffs near Australia's most easterly point, in New South Wales. The stark white lighthouse with its ornate crown was constructed in 1901. 

It contains two lights to warn vessels approaching the rocky coastline at night. The main light at the top of the tower shines its light 27 nautical miles (40 kilometres) from the coast. A smaller red auxiliary light warns ships approaching reefs, rocks and seamounts to the north-east of the lighthouse ne

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The province of Quebec, Canada has so much to offer the tourist that we found the best way to present the many vacation options was to separate them into several categories; this story zeroes in on just one of Quebec’s major attractions – lighthouses.

On the Trail of the Lighthouses

North America’s most spectacular lighthouse trek is in Canada’s Québec Maritimelocated along the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the St. Lawrence River. Central to the Maritime region is the Gaspésie (or Gaspé) Peninsula,

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