If you are a career-oriented person it is very likely that you travel a lot because of your job. This is the reason why you need to learn what measurements should you take when going away for long periods. Even though you might consider that nothing happens while you are away, you would be surprised to find out that many thefts occur while people are leaving the city. This article is not supposed to make you paranoid or scared, but to give you some tips on how to keep your house and belongings safe at all times. Here’s what you might want to know:


Store your most precious belongings away

Looking for storage units Victoria that is close-by might be the best decision ever. Paying an affordable price for storing away the items you care most about is essential. In storage units, items are safely stored in specially-built storage environments. It does not matter how many things you want to store away since they offer all sorts of services and extra features for people who require them. This method works amazing for people who travel long periods of time. For instance, if you are going away for one month or two, you would definitely want to consider this step before leaving. It’s much safer than leaving them in your home and the loss won’t be that precious in case something unfortunate happens. Take this into account next time you leave.

Stop mail delivery

One thing people usually forget about is stopping the mail delivery. Having lots of newspapers in front of your house or in your mailbox without someone getting them is a welcoming sign for thieves. Even though this might sound childish, if you make your house look empty, it is an open target waiting to be robbed. Make sure that you save some time before your departure to go and stop your mail delivery for a certain period of time, or opt for email instead. You can have each thing on your phone or laptop and no paper is going to be wasted anymore. These are both free services, so don’t worry about costs or money either.


A normal, full house is usually lighted up at certain points of the day. During your departure, lights will always be off. This is, again, a sign for the potential thieves out there. You should purchase lights that turn on and off after a certain period of time. They have a timer included and it will be less costly than having your lights on non-stop.

Be cautious on social media

Another thing to pay attention to is how exposed you are going to be on social media. Since it is a work trip, you probably won’t want to post check-ins every day in fancy restaurants or take selfies with the locals. Be as cautious as you can and set up your profile to show the posts only to your friends, instead of everyone. A public profile will – most likely – attract enemies too.

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