El Gabry Developments, a name synonymous with upscale residential spaces, proudly presents its latest masterpiece: IRA Compound New Zayed, an enclave designed not just to meet, but exceed the dreams of those searching for a sanctuary of luxury. Within the sprawling landscapes of Compound IRA New Zayed, the vision of refined living is brought to life, creating a tranquil retreat from the vibrant pulse of city life.

The aura of IRA New Zayed Compound is unmistakable, a place where elegance is inherent and serenity is guaranteed. As you enter the gates of IRA Sheikh Zayed, you're welcomed by a sense of peace and a promise of a life well-lived, enveloped in the lushness of immaculately designed gardens and the sophistication of world-class amenities.

IRA Compound Sheikh Zayed, with its beautifully crafted villas, reflects the pinnacle of El Gabry Developments' architectural excellence. Every corner of IRA Compound New Zayed speaks of the meticulous attention to detail that El Gabry Developments is renowned for, setting Compound IRA New Zayed as a new benchmark for luxury living in Egypt.

In IRA El Gabry, life is more than just living spaces; it's about crafting experiences that resonate with luxury and comfort. The diverse spaces in IRA Compound El Gabry have been thoughtfully designed to ensure that every moment spent here is a testament to the fine living and high standards that clients have come to expect from El Gabry Developments.

In the heart of Egypt's burgeoning real estate landscape, IRA Compound New Zayed emerges as a pinnacle of luxurious living with an attractive price tag. Located on the picturesque Waslet Dahshur, the starting prices for villas in IRA El Sheikh Zayed are not only competitive but enticingly within reach.

El Gabry Developments, with a reputation for blending quality with affordability, proudly announces the pricing for townhouses within Compound IRA New Zayed, with figures starting from an impressive 7,200,000 EGP. IRA Compound’s units are not just homes but a testament to upscale living tailored to discerning buyers.

The reasonable price per meter of units offered by IRA El Gabry extends to its twin houses, setting a new precedent in the real estate market with prices starting from a convenient 8,950,000 EGP. This strategic pricing at IRA Compound Sheikh Zayed ensures that luxury is no longer an elusive dream for families and investors alike.

In an astonishing move, El Gabry Developments has priced standalone villas at a competitive starting price of 9,700,000 EGP. This positioning cements IRA Compound New Zayed as a foremost project for those looking to invest in an opulent lifestyle without the exorbitant costs typically associated with such grandeur.

Understanding the financial journey of purchasing a home, El Gabry Developments has devised extremely flexible installment systems for booking villas in IRA New Zayed Compound. Buyers at IRA Compound can commence their investment with a mere 10% down payment and spread the remaining cost over seven years. IRA Compound allows for a comfortable financial plan without compromising on the quality or location of their dream home.

For those who prefer an extended payment plan, IRA Sheikh Zayed also offers the option to book units with a 15% down payment, followed by manageable installments over eight years. This initiative ensures that the elegant units of IRA Compound Sheikh Zayed are accessible to a wider range of clients, fostering a diverse community of homeowners.

To book your future townhouse villa in IRA El Gabry, an Expression of Interest (EOI) of 50,000 EGP is required, while twin houses for sale command an EOI of 70,000 EGP. For more spacious and private standalone villas in IRA Compound 6 October, an EOI of 100,000 EGP secures your intent to purchase.

El Gabry Developments not only promises competitive prices at IRA Compound El Gabry, but also a commitment to timely delivery. Units in IRA New Zayed Compound are guaranteed to be delivered within 3.5 years in a semi-finished state, allowing buyers to personalize their space to their taste. In IRA Sheikh Zayed, A 10% maintenance fee is also part of the investment, ensuring that IRA compound's beauty and value are preserved long-term, reflecting the wise investment choice of its residents.

IRA Compound New Zayed is not just offering a unit for sale; it is presenting a chance to buy into a lifestyle of elegance and ease, with a pricing strategy that ensures your investment is sound, your home is luxurious, and your future is secure. IRA Compound El Gabry is your opportunity to start from a place of advantage in the heart of Egypt.


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