Exploring Awesome Iceland on 4 Unforgettable Tours


is known for its breathtakingly beautiful natural wonders, including cascading waterfalls and majestic glaciers. But there's so much more to discover. On an unforgettable journey across the real Iceland, you'll get to explore some of the country's hidden gems, from and rugged landscapes and beautiful beaches (yes!) to fascinating cultural attractions. Along the way you'll learn more about the fascinating history and culture of this captivating country. So come join us and experience the best of Iceland on an unforgettable tour.

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On your vacation package to Iceland you'll definitely want to spend at least a couple of days exploring the capital city (pop. 140,000), roaming its streets to explore its history, culture, and attractions both old and new. You will get to see iconic landmarks including the Hallgrímskirkja Church, Parliament House, National Museum of Iceland, and Perlan, a unique exhibition of the country's natural beauty including volcanoes, glaciers, caves, northern lights, and more, brough to life with cutting-edge interactive technology. And of course along the way, you will also visit a variety of traditional Icelandic shops and cafés, such as Kaffi Vínyl and Geysir., and you can also dip into Rekjavík's cool nightlife, including rock and alternative music bars and clubs.



The Golden Circle Tour

One of Iceland's most popular tours takes you on a full day through some of its most stunning and breathtaking sights. The top three stops along this circuit Thingvellir National Park, with historical sites from the Viking era (this is also where Europe's first parliament met, in 930 CE) and views of the Almannagjá rift valley; Gullfoss, a double-cascade waterfall created by a glacial river; and Geysir Geothermal Park, home to various fumaroles as well as the eponymous Geysir - which actually no longer erupts, but another one nearby called Strokkur (above) does, to a height of up to 35 meters (115 feet), every few minutes.


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The South Coast

From black-sand beaches to towering glaciers, you'll be amazed by the breathtaking views that await you down here at every turn. Along the way you can explore small fishing villages and marvel at the massive sea cliffs. You'll also have the chance to get up close and personal with one of Iceland's most impressive natural wonders, the spectacular Skogafoss waterfall, 25m (82 ft.) wide and with a drop of 60m (200 ft.). You can also stop at striking Reynisfjara Beach (above), known for its columns of basalt rock and awe-inspiring waves.


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The Westman Islands

The Vestmannaeyjar are an archiplago of 15 small islands is accessible by ferry and provides some of Iceland's most spectacular natural beauty. Your tour will take you through the streets of the largest (13.4 square kilometers/five sq. miles) - as well as the only one that's inhabited (pop. 4,500) - called Heimaey, founded in 900 CE and where you can explore volcanic formations, walk along another dramatic black-sand beach, spot puffins and whales, and take in the majestic views of the islands and their shoreline. You can also visit the Eldheimar Volcano Museum, where you can learn about the 1973 Eldfell volcanic eruption that threatened to destroy the island.

For more information, check out VisitIceland.com and VisitReykjavik.is.


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