Iceland's Top Attractions & Destinations

Iceland is the best place in the world to see the beauty of the glaciers surrounded by huge mottled fields with cracks. Holidays in Iceland with amazing Iceland Glaciers will be the unbelievable trip for the any travellers.

Experience, too, the most beautiful, enhancing and charming majestic waterfalls in Iceland. It gives the visitor an opportunity to walk behind the water falls. Holiday in Iceland with majestic waterfalls will be an unexpectable experience for all tourists.

Iceland is a very small country, but full of rejuvenating experiences, be it Blue Lagoons, Gullfoss, Northern lights or breathtaking experience of whale watching. You will fall in love with nature.

Iceland alone has more than 10,000 waterfalls and we have chosen the best among them and have included in our travel itinerary.

Be it geysers or waterfalls, you’ll get goose bumps for sure!

Blue Lagoons: Enjoy Rejuvenating experience in natural spa in Blue Lagoon. Recently nominated one of the wonders of the world. The Blue Lagoon is located only 20 minuets from Keflavík airport. It is known for it´s healing powers, it has worked wonders on people with psoriasis and other skin related deceases. Therefore people around the globe visit the blue lagoon to experience it´s sheer power. Since the lagoon is very near Keflavík airport, it´s the perfect first destinations after a long flight.

I would also recommend for travelers to go to the lagoon before they travel back home, nothing relaxes you more then to soak yourself in warm blue water, gazing at the beautiful lava fields while drinking a cold beverage. The landscape that surrounds the Blue Lagoon is simply wondrous, doesn´t matter which season you visit. You can also enjoy an amazing meal at the Blue Lagoon restaurant where the atmosphere is really soothing. If you will enjoy how smooth your skin will feel after the lagoon you will love the skin care shop.

Their skin care products are made from natural ingredients, originated from the Blue Lagoon- geothermal seawater, silica, algae and minerals. This will be an experience you wont forget

Northern Lights: Get amazed with the natural Northern Lights.

Seljalandsfoss: Beautiful waterfall to observe. Go behind it and see the wall made of water.

Myvatn: Explore surrounding area of Myvatn with full of natural wonders (available with winter package)

Dettifoss: Mightiest waterfalls in Iceland – Dettifoss in Vatnajökull National Park

Mountains around Dettifoss: Adds the value of mightiest waterfall – Dettifoss

Geysir: You will be mesmerized when the geysers erupt around you. Feel life beneath your feet. THe famous geysir: Strokkur erupts in every 5–10 minutes - amazing natural phenomena!

Touring Inside a Glacier -  A must for all Ice enthusiasts. Explore magical icescapes, sculptures and strangely shaped ridges only in Iceland. Explore untouched Iceland where mother nature is in its purest form.

Puffins: – Also known as "sea parrots", they breed in colonies.

Horse Riding: Supreme breed of horses available in Iceland… Take a ride!

Boat ride around the glacier: a magnificent and beautiful experience to connect with nature.

Whale Watching: Unforgettable amazing experience of whale watching. 23 varieties of whales to watch for!

Iceland Champion: Find the best within Iceland. Explore “through the eyes of local” and witness that “No One Does it Like We Do”

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