How to Serve Syrah Wine

How to Serve Syrah Wine

Sometimes we want to drink a powerful wine, at these times Syrah is the best choice. Contrary to common thought, the true origin of Syrah wine lies in the Northern Rhone of France, not Shiraz, Iran. Despite the longstanding tradition of viticulture in Persia, there is no relation between Syrah and the wine that was once produced there. The fame of Syrah has however been extended to Australia, where it has become the country's most popular red wine variety.

It is a popular grape in warm regions, such as Barossa Valley in South Australia, very dark-skinned Syrah grape make one of the darkest-colored red wines, and most of them could be aged up to 10 years. In warmer regions, Syrah wines are medium to full-bodied, low tannic, and smooth with powerful aromas of black and white pepper, tobacco, leather, smoked meat, black olive, and jammy fruit flavors. 

It boasts solid tannins, fresh fruit, cassis and blackberry smells, intense spice, and earthy fragrances in colder regions. France, for example, is an old-world country with a cooler climate than the new world. These French Syrah wines, such as Northern Rhône ones have less tannin, with more acidity, and are more complex with earthy aromas than new world wines.

The discrepancy in the labeling of Shiraz and Syrah wines, which are made from the same grape, actually denotes the vinification style rather than the place of origin. Generally, countries with New World winemaking techniques, such as Australia and South Africa, categorize their intensely flavored wines as Shiraz, whereas the Old World Syrah producers opt to use the name Syrah. Nonetheless, when you want to order wine online from the United States, don’t be surprised because they use both terms on red wine bottles depending on style.

So, the key issue nowadays is to identify the Syrah or Shiraz red wine bottles based on style rather than provenance. Even though there is no hard and fast distinction, Shiraz wine refers to fruit-forward, robust, tannic new world-style wines. Wines with rounded tannins, and savory, peppery, smokey tones scents, on the other hand, are typically termed Syrah.

If you are planning to serve Syrah wine at your next dinner party, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Initially, the temperature is the first element to be considered.

Properly serving wine at the right temperature is essential for optimizing its flavor and appreciating all the nuances it has to offer. While everyone's individual preference should be respected, it is important to note that serving a warm glass of Coke is no one's idea of enjoyment. Serving temperatures for wines are often misunderstood; many believe white wines should be served extra chilled and reds excessively warm. When wine is served at a temperature too cool, its taste becomes lackluster, thin, and aromatic. If it is served too warm, its flavors become unbalanced, and its alcohol content overpowers.

It is a common misconception that drinking wine at room temperature is the correct way to consume it. However, what we know as room temperature is much higher than the ideal drinking temperature for most wines, which ranges from 55-60F. If your wine does not feel cool to the touch, don't hesitate to ask for an ice bucket to keep it at the correct temperature for optimal enjoyment.

Preserving a constant temperature for wines, particularly Syrah, is quite a task since they can easily get heated in regular room temperatures. An efficient approach is to store the red wine bottle in the refrigerator for ten minutes, every hour while it is being consumed. This can help keep the serving temperature close to its ideal. However, it is important to avoid sudden changes in temperature such as using the microwave or the freezer, as it may lead to damaging the wine.

Determining the proper temperature for a red wine glass or bottle can be tricky. Utilizing bottle thermometers can help, however, a more practical approach is to take white wine out of the refrigerator twenty minutes prior to consumption, and for red wines, put it in the fridge 10-20 minutes before consumption.

An equally important point to remember is to serve the wine in a larger glass that would provide ample room for it to aerate. This is beneficial because it amplifies the aroma of the wine and tames the tannins and unpleasant odors like sulfur compounds. A good aeration process can make the flavor of the wine much better. To do this, one could use a decanter which increases the contact of the wine with oxygen for about 15 minutes to 1 day. This process could be expedited by swirling the decanter or pouring the wine back and forth. An alternative is to use an aerator which adds oxygen to the wine and leads to aeration in a shorter amount of time.

And finally, be sure before you order wine online that Syrah wine is a full-bodied wine, so it needed to be paired with powerful dishes such as steak, braised red meat, grilled meat, or roasted lamb.

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