The Golden Triangle is a 6,000-sq.m. area in the southern region of Ghana, bordering Burkina Faso to the west and Mali to the east. It was first known as the Orange Triangle, but soon came to be known as The Tiger Central. In recent times, this has been home to many international expeditions, including a part in the Discovery Channel's annual Safari Quest expedition. Here's how you go to the Golden Triangle Tour with Ranthambore: A Story of a National Park Tiger's Tour
The drawing board of a tiger safari
In the beginning, you will have a huge challenge in your path towards the tiger that is the subject of this post. The forest close to your house is the most obvious place to start. The next is the border area with Burkina Faso. For this, you will first have to learn the right border language spoken by the locals. Then you will have to walk hundreds of metres through the dense forest to get to the border town of Freetown. This is the most important step because you will be the first on an epic journey of more than 100 days. You will walk through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and spend some time enjoying the company of your fellow tourists. Finally, you will begin the long trek home, which will take you through some of the most hostile areas in the world. You will experience the bottlenecks of the Indian Ocean, encounter the occasional tiger or leopard, and encounter some of the most unique animals on Earth.
The first trip to the tiger
The first thing you will have to do is to get yourself acclimated to the climate of the country you are visiting. In many parts of Asia and parts of Africa, the climate is tropical and hot, with frequent rain almost year-round. In all these places, you will have to adapt to a cold and snowy winter. In the meantime, you will be trekking through forests and mountains, and you will have to be prepared for it by all means. If you are lucky, you will run into some wild animals that you might otherwise miss, or you will be faced with a challenge that you might not be able to overcome. If you are faced with any of these, the only way to go is towards the end.
The famous double-take safari in the secret jungle. Wildlife Tours India
In the early hours of the morning, you will be walking in the woods with your trusted guides towards the northern parts of the country. They are going to a spot called the Golden Triangle with Tiger Safari, where the tigers are kept in an ecological "boarding house." The tigers here are kept in male sub-species that are very rare. There is a chance of meeting many other tigers and other wildlife species in this area, but you will be lucky if you talk to them. It will be your first encounter with a unique species, and you will feel as if you have been walking with a friend.
The golden triangle journey home.
On the way back from the forest to the house, you will be faced with a rather daunting task. The country will have to be cleared of all its trees and vegetation. The land will be used for agricultural purposes and for livestock rearing. The infrastructure of the country will have to be cleared, and streams and wetlands will have to be created to take away some of the burden of clearing the land. You will be trekking along the border with Burkina Faso, which is also known as the land of 10 million people. In this part of the world, you will see the world’s most endangered animals – the elephants. They are the only great land animals left in this part of the world. These elephants are largely active at night, so you will have to be ready for a long night of travel. 
Summing up
The world has been transformed during the last decade or so due to the advent of the Internet. As a result, the world has witnessed an increase in the number of visits to exotic places, a growing interest in wildlife and a general awareness of the threats to biodiversity. These threats include habitat destruction, destruction of natural habitats, destruction of cultural and historic sites, pollution of water and other resources, etc. The task of the enth Knicks is to protect these resources through development and to promote tourism. These resources can be the Tiger Reserve in Southwest Asia, the Amazon rainforests or the elephants of North America. The adventure of a lifetime is now open to you. The world has an opportunity to save its most endangered species – the elephants. The time has come for the rich countries to play their part and take up the challenge of saving the great animals. The world’s attention is now on the elephants, and the country that has the largest host of elephants is the most obvious choice for the foundation stone of a Tiger Protection Trust. The Tiger Protection Trust will be managed by a team of international experts, whose task will be to study, observe, and report on the ecological, social, and economic factors that affect the species. The world has an opportunity to save its most endangered species – the elephants.
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