Chandigarh is known as India's first city created through planning, and this city is distinct from the rest of the country. There is the direct administration of the central government in the city of Chandigarh, as this city is the capital of two states Haryana and, Punjab. Chandigarh is known as the gateway to the state of Himachal Pradesh.

At the lap of the mountain, in the dense fog area, is the location of Chandigarh. 


Travel through car 

The connectivity of roads in Chandigarh to different states and within the city is also very desirable. The main highway of Chandigarh is NH1, which is quite a desirable road with proper connectivity. Taxi service in Chandigarh is very prominent and easy to get as there are many car rental companies available all across the city. Booking a cab in Chandigarh is just a call away where you can book a taxi from any corner and nook of the town. The most common mode in which everyone chooses to travel is Indica. The scene on the highway is attractive to watch. 

Most people travel in the summer season. There is a strong recommendation to avoid moving in the fog-winter season as visibility of road gets reduce to six feet in such season. 

There is two best services run in the prime city of Chandigarh, and that are Ola and Uber. It is easy to book anyone of this service at a convenient cost. There are several taxi available in Chandigarh, also like Black Taxi India, Hiway Cabs, Guru Taxi Service Chandigarh, Amy Cab Chandigarh, Gagan Taxi Service Gill Taxi Service. Everyone can locate private taxis in Chandigarh as it is available at the commercial market of the sector.


Services of the taxi in Chandigarh

The government has given authorization to many taxi service operators to provide air conditioner cab service. Every taxi service is available at the doorstep on just one call. Mostly taxi service is available at an important place in Chandigarh like railway station and Airport. 

The cab available is air-conditioned and is very much comfortable for every customer taking service from the taxi. Taxi available in the Chandigarh is brand new, air-conditioned, air heat, and the driver available in proper uniform. 

One more comprehensive service offer by cab service in Chandigarh is that there is a complaint box so that any passenger can lodge complaints with the state transport authority if you find it is false in service of the cab. Every cab is under monitor by all the respective control team. 



The taxi doesn't charge for the first KM except for the meter down price. The rate of Rs. 15/- for the first kilometer and 15/- for the remaining subsequent kilometer. 



Within the fast-moving corporate life, many folks haven't any time to take care of a car if you did not support your vehicle accurately, it might be no truly scrap within no time. Hence think wisely and act smartly and book a taxi and get the best service in Chandigarh.