Many holidayers are sceptical about activating international roaming on their phones. We dispel a few myths about these plans.

If you have heard stories about how international roaming plans can cost you a lot of money and the providers charge exorbitantly per minute, then you need to read this post to correct a few notions.

How much do international roaming plans cost?

  • It's the age of intense competition among mobile service providers. With some providers floating plans with the lowest tariffs, others are forced to reduce prices as well.

  • However, it's not wise to choose a mobile service provider based only on the plan or pack price. Other parameters like network connectivity, customer service and ease of activation are more important.

  • Meanwhile, many users purchase temporary local SIM cards in the country they visit. This has forced providers to create attractive plans and packs to entice customers to take international roaming plans for their trips abroad.

  • But only Airtel international roaming has managed to offer an all-round proposition comprising a large amount of free data, free incoming calls, free texts and even free calling functionality for a limited number of minutes.

Some things to note about international roaming plans:

The provider you wish to buy the plan from must have a tie-up in the country that you are visiting. The tie-up is with local service providers, so that you don’t need to switch networksor change SIM cards once you reach the destination country. Only leading providers like Airtel have a presence in almost all the countries in the world. Check if Airtel international roaming is available in your destination country from the drop-down menu on the brand website.

The roaming charges vary from provider to provider. If the provider has a large presence in your destination country, they are able to provide competitively-priced packs and plans. Check the Airtel international roaming pack for the most cost-effective roaming packs, with multiple options. You get a choice between 1-day (Rs 649 per day), 10 days (Rs 359 per day) and 30 days (Rs 133 per day), so you can choose according to the duration of your holiday. Plus, you can get between 500 MB and 5 GB free data across 3 plans mentioned above.

There cannot be lags or network outages when you are abroad. Any emergency can occur in a flash, and you must be connected on a 24/7 basis when abroad. Only providers like Airtel can guarantee a fast network speed and always-on connectivity. Apart from these superb benefits, Airtel international roaming offers free calling minutes (100, 250 and 500 minutes calling to India respectively), 100 free SMSs on each pack, and unlimited incoming calls on each pack.

The pack or plan must be easy to buy.
Airtel international roaming is available for purchase online. Just log on to the Airtel website, enter your 10-digit phone number and browse through the Airtel international roaming packs. If you don’t want to buy a pack, you have the option of activating an Airtel standard international plan, at no additional cost to you.