Lovely Memories of my last Vacation in Greenville, Texas

I just got back from the best vacation ever! It was so much fun. I went to Greenville, Texas, and had a great time. One of the most important things about traveling is exploring. I wanted to share some of my favorite memories from my trip with you.

My family and I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The trees, flowers and the weather was great. We all had a lot of fun together as a family.



When we arrived at our destination, I felt very excited about seeing my grandmother again after such a long time, she was so excited to see us all as well. She had prepared a wonderful dinner for us, I think that was one of my favorite parts of the trip because it tasted so good.

We spent most of our time outside enjoying nature's beauty, we took lots of pictures to remember how much fun we had together as a family. It is a great blessing to be able to enjoy with your family without having to ruin yourself financially or take a loan in Greenville Tx as a lifeline.

First, we went to a restaurant called "El Dorado". I can honestly say that it was the best meal I had all year! The service was excellent and the food was delicious! They had a burger on the menu that sounded so good, I couldn't pass it up: "The Heart Attack Burger". It was absolutely amazing!

Next, we went to an amusement park" where we spent the rest of our afternoon. There were many rides that looked like a lot of fun, but they closed them due to high winds. We still had a great time in the arcade room playing air hockey and table tennis.


Finally, we went on tour at the Space Center Houston, which was right next door to our hotel. It was so interesting learning about how rockets work and how astronauts train for their missions! We also got to see a real-life space shuttle!

The most fun part of the trip were those days when we visited the museums and learned about the history of this beautiful town. We also got to see old pictures and artifacts from long ago which made me feel inspired by how far we have come as a country.

We ended up having such an amazing time that my parents decided to come back next year with us again! The best thing about being here is the lack of crowds, it's a lot easier to get around than in other places like New York or California. 

I hope you can visit this town soon!

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