Famous Monastic Site of Lumbini

Famous Monastic Site of Lumbini

Lumbini, Buddha's hometown, is located southwest of the Terai region of Nepal. This place is one of the Buddhist sanctuaries for visiting historical and religious sites. From the magnificent Lumbini Museum to the Holy Garden, visitors to this unusual city will discover a wealth of spiritual, cultural, and historical treasures. One of the most explored places in Nepal, Lumbini attracts not only Buddhists but also people of different religions.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lumbini is home to numerous Buddhist monks composed of numerous Buddhist monuments throughout the world as well as ancient stupas dating back to the 2000s. One of the most important sites in Lumbini is the Mayadevi temple, which is considered to be the birthplace of King Buddha. Similarly, there are two monasteries - the Mahayana and Vajrayana monasteries to the west and the Theravada monks on the east side. Lumbini is a sacred place where Maya Devi gave birth to Buddha, and there are many inscriptions, bricks, and other evidence proving her birthplace. Also, in 1896 when they rediscovered this process, Nepali archaeologists discovered the Ashoka pillar, which confirmed the important connection between the Buddha and Lumbini.
Blessed with several ancient sites, shrines, and monasteries that reflect various aspects of the Buddha's life, Lumbini has much to offer its visitors. Contact us to visit Lumbini Kushinagar by taxi.

Check out the Lumbini Monastic Site

The Lumbini Monastic Site includes several temples and monasteries where you will gain insight into the life of the Gautam Buddha. Not surprisingly, several monks in Lumbini follow Buddhist customs. As you explore the landscape, you will also have the opportunity to understand the significance of Buddhism - the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautam Buddha. These elaborate monks have impressive architecture and display their unique Buddhist style. There are two monasteries to the east and west of Lumbini.

West Monastic Zone

In the monastery west of Lumbini, there are magnificent monasteries that display magnificent buildings here, and many of them are open to visitors. Every monastery has its design that reflects the different styles of different architectural and religious nations. But together, they formed a remarkable collection of Buddhist monuments. There are 14 monasteries in total and two meditation centers in the area.

South Korea's Dae Sung Shakya Temple is one of the tallest monasteries in Lumbini. As you enter each of the monasteries, you will feel like entering a different world. In the center of the western part of the monastic zone, you will find a beautiful lake surrounded by amazing monasteries. The most impressive is the Great Lotus Stupa, sponsored by Germany. It has a large attractive garden with colorful decorations.

Here are a few palaces you can visit in the West-Monastic Zone of Lumbini:

  • Urgen Dorjee Chholing Buddhist Center, Singapore
  • French Buddhist Association, France
  • Great Lotus Stupa (Tara Foundation), Germany
  • Drigung Kagyud Meditation Center, Laddakh
  • World Buddhist Church Linh Son, France
  • United Tungaram Buddhist Foundation, Nepal
  • Thrangu Vajra Vidhya Buddhist Foundation, Canada
  • Chinese monastery, China
  • Drubgyud Chhoeling Monastery (Nepal Mahayana Temple)
  • Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu, Vietnam
  • Dae Sung Shakya Temple, South Korea
  • Geden International Monastery, Austria
  • Dharmodhaya Sabha Nepal (Swayambhu Mahavihara)
  • Landirarama Lumbini International Meditation Center, Myanmar
  • Karma Samtenling Monastery, Nepal
  • Manang Samaj Stupa, Nepal

East Monastic Zone

The Lumbini Monastic Zone also contains a monastery to the east with several monasteries representing the Theravada (Hinayana) school of Buddhism. Different countries have built and used monasteries and offer a few air programs that reflect local culture to tourists. As you visit this eastern place, you will find some of Asia's most fascinating religious buildings.

One of the most impressive buildings is the Royal Thai Monastery, built of shiny white marble inspired by Thailand's largest wats. Next up is the Myanmar Gold Temple, which looks very much like the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Similarly, the Sri Lankan Monastery is surrounded by water and spreads on several levels. The Mahabodhi Society of India Temple is small but contains a few intriguing sculptures depicting the story of King Buddha.

Here are lists of monks of the East Monastic Zone of Lumbini:

  • Royal Thai Monastery, Thailand
  • Mahabodhi Society Temple in India
  • Dhamma Janani Vipassana Center, Nepal
  • International Gautami Nuns Temple, Nepal
  • Myanmar Gold Temple, Myanmar

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Lumbini is a sacred place, and many travelers visit here to get the most out of their tourist experience and to discover the most important ways to explore the spiritual world. You will have the opportunity to see the magnificent monasteries built by several Buddhist countries such as China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Germany. While visiting the monasteries, you will find immersion in a peaceful and spiritual environment.