5 Best Places to Enjoy Fall Foliage In/Around Toronto


Have you been eager to treat yourself to a great beauty of fall foliage the Mother Nature has to offer? Well, this winter, you have a chance to appreciate the best fall foliage spots there are in Toronto. In this piece, we reveal the best places to fulfill your fantasies. The five top places to enjoy fall foliage in Toronto include:

1.The Humber Valley

This spot is located towards the western part of Toronto. As you walk under the Humber Bridge, you can cross over the Gardiner Expressway and go all the way to the north. You can also make your way westwards to Humber Bay Park. Better yet, you may head to the High Park, which is located in the north-eastern direction. The falls that you come across in these places are nothing but a great beauty. As if this is not enough, you’ll get to see Deer and salmon. The blowing wind here is freshening. Above your head is a hanging canopy of magically colored trees.

2. Don Valley

Don Valley stands out as one of the most beautiful scenery for experiencing fall foliage. Once you get to this place, all directions you face have amazing colors. The best time to fully enjoy the experience is just after Thanksgiving. The places that offer awesome views at Don Valley are Brick Works, Edwards Gardens, Taylor Creek, Crothers Woods, Sunny Brook and Edwards Gardens. 

3.Toronto Islands

The advantage of the Island is that there are fewer people during winter as compared to summer. As such, the opportunity to enjoy the fall foliage is huge. The trees are so many that everywhere you look, you’ll see something colorful. The species of these trees are also varied to give a lovely mix. Take your time and visit Toronto Islands one of these winters. I swear you’ll always be waiting for the next winter to come by. 

4. Rouge National Urban Park 


In this park are numerous species of trees. Each of these tree species aims to show you the gorgeous look they have to offer. It is located close to Toronto Zoo as you drive towards the east near the Scarborough/ Pickering border. Apart from the wonderful coloring of the trees, you get a golden chance to see a great number of birds. Aquatic mammals are also common. The Rouge Valley Conservation Center offers tour services whenever you may need. They show the best scenes there are in this place. 

5. High Park
In this scenery, is amazing fall foliage that no one would want to let go of when winter comes and goes. It is splendid to behold these neatly formed colors of the tree- leaves. You can spend the whole day surrounded by the beauty of these trees and still want more. It is definitely a top destination for a fall foliage adventure. If you have kids, the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground is there to offer the much-needed help of taking care of them. In the meantime, you can go ahead scooping the adventure with a spade. Also of interest here is the zoo hosting some of the most beautiful creatures in Toronto.

Well, these are the top 5 places where you can absolutely enjoy the beautiful sceneries of fall foliage in Toronto. A visit to any is a sure way to fulfill your fantasies. Now you know and can visit them yourself. You no longer have to see them in pictures. Car rental in Toronto is also awesome, reliable and will surely meet your traveling needs.

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