Destinations in India For Vacay

Destinations in India For Vacay

India offers various destinations to spend a good quality vacation. You can find amazing facts about the different cultures and traditions in other places. The natural environment of these places is so welcoming and calming. These places provide you best ambience and surroundings to get a refresh. You can find all sorts of things as per your comfort zones like local transportation, accommodations and eating houses to explore the cities and enjoy. These vacation destinations offer you so many reasons to make a trip and visit them.  Find the list of top five destinations below to plan your next trip:


Delhi is the Capital City that gives you a mixed culture, rich history, fabulous food and whatnot. It has several tourist attractions like monuments, forts and heritage sites. This is one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife, and you can go on long drives, candlelight dinners and soon. You can find delicious food and street snack items in the hub of the eating house. The liveliness and vibrant life of the city will make it a holiday destination.



It is the place that offers you so many reasons to consider it the best place to spend your vacay. The environment is healthy and good enough to explore the city, and you can find several points to have a picturesque view. The town's main attractions are Arjuna Beach, Dudhsagar Falls, Baga Beach, Diver Island, BOM Jesus Church, and Chapora Fort. There are best shopping areas, and eating points are available at reasonable rates. The life of Goans is easygoing, and people follow their beliefs for customs and traditions.



The culture and natives of Amritsar belong to Sikh and Punjabi religions. It is considered the pilgrimage and holiest destination; people come from various places to bow down their heads in the feet of God to take blessings. Native people follow the rituals and customs righteously and believe in equality and humanity. Golden Temple, Waga Border, Partition Museum, Jallianwala Bagh and Baba Atal Tower are some known attractions out there to visit on your Amritsar trip.



It is a fantastic example of beauty and peace together, and this place is lovely for any tourist. If you are looking for an affordable trip full of adventure and fun, then it’s a place for you guys. You can find several attractions that give you a soothing and pleasant environment to enjoy. It is the most popular place amongst the people for its natural beauty.



If you are an adventure lover, it's a place for you, and this offers you a lot of adventure and fun to enjoy your trip. River rafting, camping, bungee jumping, flying fox and cliff jumping are adventurous activities available there to have fun.

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