Cheap Flights to Medellin With Must-Do Group Activities

Let's get mad in Medellin with your group. A trip is more fun when you are with your favorite people, so here's where to plan your next getaway with your group- Medellin the heart of Colombia. When you are planning your trip of course you are worried about how to keep your budget in check. So let’s begin with having a billete de avión barato a Medellín, and then plan your accommodations, activities, and places to visit accordingly. Let's go step by step and be prepared to have a great time in Medellin with your friends. 

Find Cheap Flights to Medellin

Finding a cheap flight is never an easy task but it is a very important aspect of your trip because your overall costs major part is all about the price of your air ticket. Thus it’s natural to be concerned about the price of the air ticket. Here is how you can get a group airfare to Medellin at a low price:

Book in Advance

It is an old saying that early birds catch the worm, and in many real-life situations, this is certainly true. The same applies when booking a flight ticket, so book your flight ticket as soon as you are certain of your travel itinerary. There is always a chance of getting cheaper air tickets when you book in advance. It is advisable to book your tickets at least a few weeks in advance.

Opt for Budget Airlines

Booking an air ticket for your trip requires you to search for a number of airlines and online travel agencies. During this time, be sure to also explore some budget airlines along with reputable major airlines. Even though these airlines may not offer some kind of world-class amenities during the flight, you will be able to save a considerable amount on the price of your air ticket. However, be attentive to any additional fees and restrictions.

Look for Promotions and Deals

Every time you make an air ticket reservation, be sure to check for any special promotions or deals with the airline or the online travel agency that will be providing you with the air ticket. Here, the best course of action would be to always keep an eye out for airline promotions, flash sales, and special offers. To stay informed, follow the airlines on social media and subscribe to their newsletters.

Use Fare Comparison Websites

It is always a good idea to explore other options before making a final decision, and never settle for the first available flight deal. So compare the prices of airlines on different price comparison websites before finalizing your air ticket booking, such as Google Flights, Kayak, FlightsChannel, Momondo, etc. Making an informed decision will assist in making a decision that will not be regretted. 

Note: We recommend that you check the most recent and real-time air ticket prices with the airlines and on these mentioned flight booking sites since air ticket prices fluctuate so we cannot mention any specific price. Furthermore, prices vary based on the origin city from which you are traveling to Medellin, for example, Miami to Medellin or San Jose to Medellin.

Accommodations in Medellin 

When it comes to accommodation, you have a variety of choices, including hotels, guest houses, hostels, and homestays. It all depends on your preferences, as well as your budget. You can choose from a variety of affordable and luxurious options that suit your group.


Here are some recommendations for hotels that you may want to consider if you are looking for accommodations:

  • ElCielo Hotel
  • Medellin Marriott Hotel
  • Hotel Dann Carlton Medellin


The following recommendations can be of assistance if you are on a limited budget and wish to stay in hostels rather than hotels:

  • Hostel Rango Boutique
  • Noah Boutique Hostels
  • Casa Kiwi Hostel Medellin


Homestays are a new concept in the travel industry that allows you to explore your destination more natively and feel more closely connected to the locals. You can experience Medellin from a new perspective, and it is more pocket-friendly:

  • Your family in Medellin
  • Room in the Central Village
  • The Spring City

Note: These recommendations are based on customer reviews about their stay experiences. You may find it helpful to consider these recommendations when planning your itinerary.

Must-Do Group Activities in Medellin

Lastly, there are activities you should engage in as a group. Of course, you spent so much money on your billete de vuelo de grupo to enjoy yourself with your group. There is no point in planning the perfect trip if you are not able to enjoy it to the fullest. So here is the activist you must try with your group:

Hiking in El Retiro

If you are a group of peace lovers, you must visit El Retiro, a beautiful town situated in the womb of the mountains. It is a perfect place to escape the bustle of the city, along with a hike to the iconic "El Cristo Rey" statue for panoramic views and a breath of fresh air.

Guatape Day Trip

Take a day trip to Guatape, a colorful town known for its unique zócalos (painted basements). Visit the vibrant streets, take a boat tour of the Guatape Reservoir, and climb the Piedra del Peol, a giant rock that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area for a small entry fee.

Salsa Under the Stars

You can unleash your inner salsa dancer by taking a free salsa class in Parque Lleras. The park is transformed into a lively dance floor every Tuesday evening. During this free activity, you will be able to learn basic steps from friendly locals and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Medellin Street Food Tour

A Medellin street food tour is a delicious and budget-friendly way to experience the city. Authentic street vendors offer local favorites such as empanadas, tumbana paisa (a hearty regional dish), and fresh juices.

The Bottom Line

With the help of this comprehensive guide, you will be able to plan an affordable and enjoyable group trip to Medellin. Medellin offers a vibrant experience for every traveler, whether they are looking for cheap flights and accommodations or exploring the best activities and dining options.

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