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Choosing where to spend our holidays is an important thing. Selecting a destination that satisfies the whole family, our partner or the group of friends whom we have decided to leave with, in fact, can prove to be a rather difficult undertaking, especially when people's tastes are different.



Whatever the travel experience you prefer, however, choosing to visit Italy and its incredible natural, architectural, historical and cultural beauties means savoring the true essence of a journey that is an experience that changes and improves us. allowing us to see life with a new and more positive look.


Even when you have chosen the village, the region or the area best suited to your tastes, however, the following question is: what is the best accommodation facility for our needs? It is better a bed and breakfast to have the freedom to be out all day or is it preferable to choose a hotel, perhaps with a restaurant, to be more comfortable? Is it more suitable an agriturismo in which to relax in close contact with nature or is it better to choose a boutique hotel, a design, innovative and avant-garde structure?


All these questions are in many cases a real concern when it comes to establishing what is the best solution depending on your needs and preferences.


Finding who knows how to suggest you, among the many possible solutions, the most valid one for you, can be difficult. It is precisely for this purpose that Charminly is born. Within the site, in fact, Charminly collects a lot of small accommodation facilities far from the chaos present throughout Italy, from the cold Alps to the crystalline sea of ​​the Sicilian coasts.


The work of Charminly is born above all from the passion, sincere and tangible, for the travel world. For us at Charminly, the journey is never an end in itself but represents a discovery of the surrounding world and, consequently, of something of ourselves that we did not know until then.


This is why the selection of facilities offered on this site is carried out with extreme attention to detail. All the hotels, bed and breakfasts, agritourisms and other accommodation facilities present on the site, in fact, are personally viewed by Charminly staff.  It would be unthinkable, in fact, to offer people a service never tested of which we do not know the real merits and any faults.


Those who choose a destination and a structure with Charminly therefore have the absolute certainty of finding exactly what is presented on the site. The descriptions of the environments, the photos, the comforts offered and even the description and the names of those who manage the activity: these and many other information are present for each detailed card of a structure, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the maximum satisfaction of those who choose that particular hotel, agriturism or bed and breakfast for their little dream holiday.


And that's not all: the constant search of Charminly pays special attention, as we said, to detail. This is why often small structures are presented to users, with just a few rooms to have the right privacy and the ideal relaxation for a holiday and with a charm and a particular internal organization and maybe typical of that particular place.


This is the case, for example, of the so-called "diffused hotels", a very special type of accommodation that spreads in the true sense of the word along a small village to allow guests to experience their vacation not as tourists but as real inhabitants of those places.

In this way it will be possible to discover destinations far from the usual centers often full of chaos in which it is difficult to totally regenerate. With Charminly you will have at your disposal a vast choice of beautiful, healthy, genuine and authentic structures like the people who run them with passion and dedication.

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