5 of the Best Things to Do in Cancún


Located at the northeast coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, this L-shape resort island, alongside a city home to hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, many of whom work in the tourism industry, was essentially created by the Mexican government in 1974. Its core appeal has always been its beaches and nightlfe (along with the chance to take day trips to incredible Mayan archaeological sites; there's even a tiny one right here, called Ruinas del Rey). And over the years many other options have evolved. Here are five of the best and most popular things to do in Cancún

Cancun Wax Museum

On the top spot we will be discussing about the destination of Cancun Wax Museum! This museum has been featuring all the amazing individuals that are real and otherwise.  Hence it would not be wrong to say that visiting this wax museum is the best thing you can do in your whole trip.  You can visit the interesting wax statues of The Beatles, as well as Mother Teresa, and Abraham Lincoln and so many more.  It is open for public the whole day from the timing of 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Another exciting thing to do in the Cancun has been in face of snorkeling Cancun! All through by having the Caribbean Sea as being the backdrop, Cancun, Mexico will drive you crazy to get into the water all the time.  Snorkeling is somehow the greatest things you should not miss out to do in your Cancun trip.  Some of the best places for snorkeling are Akumal, as well as Isla Contoy, and even Isla Mujeres.

Catamaran Trip

A catamaran cruise has made itself to be one of the fun things which you should do in your trip to Cancun. You will be having a great time in which you can explore as well as relax in the open Caribbean Sea.  Some of the tour companies also offer the best services of Catamaran trip.  You can even look for so any excellent facilities of snorkeling as well.

Boulevard Kukulkán

Boulevard Kukulcan is yet another one of the incredible Cancun attractions for the visitors.  It is also famous known as Hotel Zone. Once you will be visiting this destination, it will force you to visit it all over again.  It has been fully surrounded by so many food restaurants and shops.

Cancún Underwater Museum

On the last we have the name of Cancún Underwater Museum!  This is a complete magnificent underwater museum which will enable you to catch the beauty of some underwater animals as well.  You can also catch some hundreds of sculptures that are positioned under the water.  This museum also has a service of snorkeling as well.  It is located at Cerrada Las Golondrinas 24 Alfredo Bonfil.