Cafes in Gurgaon

Cafes in Gurgaon

1. Chaayos, Gurgaon

One of the rising chai bistros, Chaayos sells sensibly evaluated customisable mixes as well as a grouping of dishes. Here you can cause the kind of tea you to like by browsing the 12 fundamental fixings advertised.

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Area: Building 5, DLF Digital City
Cost for two: INR 500
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2. Establishes - Bistro In The Recreation area, Gurgaon

Well known for its outside feeling, this pet-accommodating bistro is situated in a recreation area. It offers differed breakfast and food decisions alongside a smorgasbord. The early opening times attracts its bistro adoring clients.

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Area: Rajiv Gandhi Environmentally friendly power Park, Area 29
Cost for two: INR 750

3. Another Fine Day, Gurgaon

A bistro much valued for its book corner and red block facade inside, the peaceful energy of the spot has made it one of the most cherished bistros in Gurgaon. You can partake in the entire day breakfast menu and the wide assortment of wine and brew.

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Area: MPD Pinnacles, Fairway Street
Cost for two: INR 800 (barring liquor)

4. Guftagu Bistro, Gurgaon


Loosen up over a book, spend time with your companions, or have a heartfelt date encircled by tranquil plant life and tasteful insides. The delicate ambient sound with the scrumptious food makes this an extraordinary bistro in Gurgaon for couples too.

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Area: Inverse DLF City Court, DLF Stage 2
Cost for two: INR 800

5. Bistro A chronic hunger for new adventures, Gurgaon

A curious little bistro settled in the bustling Galleria market, well known for its delectable shakes. Enriched with comfortable loungers and rocks that add to the chronic desire for something new energy, this is an ideal bistro in Gurgaon for couples.

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Area: Baba Chitru Complex, Area 50
Cost for two: INR 850
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6. Greenr Bistro, Gurgaon

Serving just veggie lover food alongside vegetarian and without gluten choices, the food at this eco-accommodating plant-based bistro is both solid and delectable. The calm stylistic layout and quiet energy likewise make it an incredible spot to hang out or work from.

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Area: 32nd Road, Area 15
Cost for two: INR 1000


7. Hamoni: Bistro by the Greens, Gurgaon

Partake in the majestic style menu of this bistro sitting above a fairway with gigantic French windows and red-bricked walls. The peacefulness of nature that can be appreciated at this bistro makes it without a doubt one of the most outstanding bistros in Gurgaon.

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Area: Carterpuri Town, Area 23
Cost for two: INR 1200

8. Bistro Soul Nursery, Gurgaon

This bistro in Gurgaon with a flawless nursery seating and food spread has likewise as of late opened its entryways for cooperating. It is one of the most outstanding spots to partake in your number one book with espresso and a wonderful food spread.

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Area: Close to Supermart 2, DLF Stage 4
Cost for two: INR 1300 (barring liquor)
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9. The Joint Bistro, Gurgaon

Well known for its heavenly steaks and burgers, this bistro is one of the most mind-blowing bistros in Gurgaon for its really made exquisite cuisine. You can likewise partake in a genuine American Breakfast and scrumptious side dishes with phenomenal feel and administration.

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Area: Galleria Market Complex, DLF Stage 4
Cost for two: INR 1400

10. The Biker's Bistro, Gurgaon

An all-swarming trekking subject is the principal pith of the bistro, from biker statements to a whole rundown of the historical backdrop of bicycles remembered for the menu. The multi-cooking menu with the hip energy makes this a seriously fascinating bistro in Gurgaon.

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Area: Fairway Street, DLF Stage 5
Cost for two: INR 1400
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11. Getafix, Gurgaon

Innovative insides that incorporate bright wall works of art and a comfortable setting with astounding breakfast choices make this bistro well known. An imaginative solid interpretation of exemplary dishes make this one of the most outstanding bistros in Gurgaon.

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Area: Cross Point Shopping center, DLF Stage 4
Cost for two: INR 1500

12. Di Ghent Bistro, Gurgaon

A provincial wooden bistro with a Parisian appeal and daylight gushing through the wooden windows. Famous for its newly simmered espresso beans and tasty brews, this bistro in Gurgaon likewise offers an extraordinary wine assortment, which coordinates impeccably with the dishes.

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Area: Cross Point Shopping center, DLF Stage 4
Cost for two: INR 1700

13. Bistro Amaretto, Gurgaon

An exceptionally sought after bistro for its immaculate food show of Italian cooking in its vogue-like inside with combination compositions. This bistro in Gurgaon is most certainly a must-visit for its sweeping menu on bona fide Italian luxuries.

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Area: South Point Shopping center, Fairway Street
Cost for two: INR 1700 (barring liquor)

14. OLLY - Olive's The entire Day Bistro and Bar, Gurgaon

With finely finished and sufficiently bright insides, this morning meal bistro fills in as an extraordinary work area. It likewise sets the ideal state of mind for a tranquil dinner encompassed by vegetation and warm climate.

Area: Digital Center, DLF Digital City
Cost for two: INR 1800

15. Tart House, Gurgaon

A multi-food bistro, famous for its Chinese and mainland dishes, this bistro in Gurgaon is exceptionally well known. It likewise offers a different region for restrictive collaborating away from the commotion of normal feasting.

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Area: Bestech Chamber Stage 1, Sushant Lok
Cost for two: INR 1900 (barring liquor)

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