Brisbane Top 6 Natural Attractions

For young people especially, a visit to Brisbane, Australia can be very saturated and exciting. First of all, Brisbane is famous for its unique natural attractions, botanical gardens and picturesque parks. In these places, you can walk pleasantly and become rich in culture.


Brisbane Forest Park

The famous Nature Reserve “Forest Park” invites everyone who wants to know the flora and fauna of Australia, and also gets acquainted with the suburbs of Brisbane. Here you will learn a lot of interesting information about kangaroos, local nature, climate, as well as various kinds of animals and plants. Apart from 'roos, you will meet local birds, platypus, sugar flying possum, wallabies, wombat, giant marsupial fugitive, speckled marsupial marten, large marsupial rat, snakes, lizards, turtles and fish. If this is not very interesting to you, then Forest Park will offer you the opportunity just to admire the magnificent nature of the mountain ridge D'Aguilar and relax from the city bustle.

Botanical Garden

Perhaps one of Brisbane's most famous and colorful attractions, this natural memorial will please visitors with its stunning collections of various flowers from all over the world. Here you can relax sitting on a bench or walking along shady avenues surrounded by thousands of colorful flowers. Choose for yourself the best tour and get another portion of unforgettable impressions!


Lamington National Park

A very picturesque place where young people must go for sure, it's a bit out of town - 110 km to be exact. The park is famous for its amazing nature – rain forest, ancient trees, gorgeous waterfalls, breathtaking views, opening from mountain passes, a variety of animals and birds. In addition, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Gondwana Rain Forest. 

Roma Street Park

In the world's largest subtropical garden in the center of the city, you can stroll through a variety of themed alleys and flower beds, relax in recreational areas, wander along the paths that cross the multi-level water streams, and admire the works of 16 local artists. Today in the park under the open sky there is an amphitheater. You will see a number of Australian plants and flowers as well as others from every part of the world.

Koalas’ Park Lonely Pine

Koalas' Park is the oldest and largest reserve of koalas, known not only in Australia, but all over the world. This is one of the very few natural parks in the world where visitors, albeit for a fee, are allowed to hold koalas on their hands. However, there are strict rules according to which koala cannot be held for more than 30 minutes a day. Considering the rich Australian fauna, in addition to koalas, both kangaroos, wombats and Tasmanian devils live here, as well as various species of reptiles.


Park of the South Coast

This park is connected to the city center by the Victoria Bridge and to the Gardens-Point area with the help of the Goodwill Bridge. The park consists of rain forest and savannah areas, ponds and beaches, promenade and various attractions – Great Pergola, Sancorp Square, Nepal Peace Pagoda, Ferris Wheel, as well as restaurants, shops and fountains. Here is located the Conservatory of Queensland. Good mood is guaranteed to every visitor!

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